Signs of Autumn.

It’s officially Fall. I know this because my toes told me so. They allowed me to wear flip-flops only once last week and for the last two nights they have demanded not one but two pairs of socks for toasty-ness.

There are other signs and being an astute observer of life I have caught them. You know, there is always the obvious, leaves losing their grip on tree branches, rain feels like a cold shower and frost has shown up on a few pumpkins. But the bestest sign of Autumn’s arrival is Apple Cider. And not the kind off grocery store shelves…

A week ago I was invited to a Sunday afternoon Apple Pressing. Into the car I jumped with a friend and into the country we drove admiring the brilliant colored trees as we wound our way to Tom’s home and an outbuilding filled with….

buckets and buckets of apples!

Bucket's of Apples

Even though we arrived on time others were already there and working hard. The process went like this… Tom would (lovingly) bark an order to Scooter to dump more apples into a wheel-barrow of water to be rinsed before being fed into the grinder. As we all took turns at the grinder I became very aware at how labor intensive this process is… *pant, pant, pant*

Scooter grinding apples

The bucket of ground up apples was then transferred to the press bucket with its open slats allowing the juice to run through…

Filling the press bucketThe apple cider ran out of the bucket, down the trough and through the strainer before cascading into a large bowl.

Apple press

The tasty juice had one more trip through a strainer, down a funnel and into saved plastic containers. Container supplies ran out after about 95 were filled. There were still around 20 buckets of apples waiting.

Bottling the apple cider

It was a fun afternoon. I tried my hand at everything they would let me do. It was a long hard process but in the end very satisfying. I know this because these little tasting cups got a good workout.

Apple cider tasting cups

Note: Sadly, Tom announced this would be the last year for the Cider Pressing Party due to health and the need to move. Thank you Tom for the memories.


8 thoughts on “Signs of Autumn.

  1. MMMMMMMM-I can still smell that delicious apple-y scent. Wonderful pictures, wonderful day. So happy to have made memories with you, Sis. And with Scooter, Wheezy, Linda, Tom and the rest…….

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