Pride Goeth Before the Fall…

…refers to someone who is over-confident or full of arrogance is likely to fail. The saying “pride goeth before the fall” is adapted from the biblical Book of Proverbs, more specifically, Proverbs 16:18. I hadn’t especially seen myself as either over-confident or arrogant about my walking skills, however I did experience the fall… three times.

The Gang at Peacock Lane 2011

The first fall happened last December (2011).

Off to see Peacock Lane in Portland Oregon we had found a parking spot and were on our way up a dark side street with uneven sidewalks… did I mention it was dark? I was trying my best to keep up with the young folks while expertly hanging on to my coffee. Yet, I was lagging behind. That is when my toe smashed into the edge of cement section lifted by tree roots. My feet lifted out of my shoes as I fell straight forward.

spilled coffee

I lost my coffee and a little dignity. The rest of our adventure was prefaced with Scooter pointing out every bump in the sidewalk… such a helper. o.0

[Yes… my spill was still there on the way back and now an iced coffee.]

By spring I had regained confidence in my ability to walk from here to there. That’s when April happened. Meeting at the kids house to car pool to the Clark Public Utilities Home & Garden Idea Fair I waited for Linda to back the car out of the garage before getting in.

Zoey and ballZoey, the energetic black lab decided I was waiting to play with her. So, with ball in mouth, she jumped up on me, which she normally NEVER does. I instinctively stepped back, bumped my calves into a gigantic cement flower bowl, lost my balance and fell backward landing my behinder on the far edge. I didn’t stop there. I fell off the back edge onto my neck and shoulder. I tried desperately to right myself and pretend nothing had happened before anyone saw me. On the way to the fair Weasy brushed grass clippings off my sweater but could do nothing about my bruised ego.

By now I was starting to worry. I’d heard the warnings of old people falling. And, I’ve seen the commercial where they can’t get up. To calm myself I put two and two together. I had nothing to worry about. At the time of each fall I had family around and cement was involved.

All I needed to do was keep my wits about me and I’d be just fine.

Then June happened. It was getting dark one evening when our five-year old neighbor rang and rang and rang our doorbell. His ball was visiting our yard and he wanted it to come home. No problem, I told him I’d go throw it back over. I gingerly made my way to the jungle corner of our yard and found the big pink ball. Between the ball and home was a compost pile, fence and the neighbor’s untrimmed (tall) arborvitae. Putting great faith in my volleyball serving ability I hit the thing hard and high… straight into the shrubs. No one seemed to be out ready to retrieve this ball so I decided I needed to make sure it landed on their side. Not only was it the right thing to do but little neighbor boy excelled in door bell ringing. I was now on a mission.

compost pileStepping carefully to the side of the compost pile and around their encroaching blackberry vines my foot landed squarely into something squishy and slick. Both feet went out from under me and I landed hard on my hip and shoulder. As I tried to right myself I found the octopus like blackberry vines wrapped securely around my legs and arms. Rolling to right myself I became more tangled. Each move helped to tighten their grip as the slime under me seeped into my clothing.

Getting darker, there was no one to hear my calls for help. The Hub’s early bed time made him unavailable. It was time for me to get tough… through quiet tears of frustration I worked my way loose. With a few scratches and a lot of soreness, I cursed big pink rubber balls as I made my way back to the house.

The next day Hub banned me from ever again going into the backyard without supervision. My cement/family theory was gone. So possibly it was about age and ineptness. However I’m not ready to give in to that type of thinking so I’ll stick with the theory that I have been blessed with The Gift of Imperfection.

Thank You Poppa for keeping me humble… 

2 thoughts on “Pride Goeth Before the Fall…

  1. I am right there with you but unlike you, I don’t always have vines or uneven cement to help soothe the ego. I fractured my kneecap a few years ago on flat macadam in a parking lot on a perfectly dry day with the sun shining. I have since taken a few tumbles. I don’t have balance issues so I have no idea why I end up on the ground!

  2. My left ankle likes to say, “what the heck, I don’t feel like working today” and it just doesn’t. Over the years, I’ve fallen in the back yard, in parking lots, going down the stairs, and my personal favorite, while stepping out my back door. Fortunately, I have lovely neighbors that aren’t heard of hearing.

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