A Football Fan Is Born.

That’s right, I have fallen in love with football… kind of. I still don’t know the rules… or any of the player positions and what their job description is… or why the referees are on the field doing the Macarena all wrong.  But come Saturday you will find me in the bleachers cheering on my favorite player… Scooter!

bleacher chair purpleAfter thirty-six years of dedicated soccer watching starting with my sons, Scooter has decided to change things up a little. His decision to play football has thrilled his father, his uncle and his Grandpa. Tomorrow is game five, half way through the season and I’ve climbed on board. The telling sign of my conversion would be my new fancy-schmancy bleacher chair.

The team color isn’t purple… I just like it.

Back to the game… The Falcons are doing well. Scooter plays defense. Position name unknown. I just look for #50 and cheer. That I can do. That and take pictures….

Scooter's FansThe Scooter Fan Club. Dad, G-pa, Uncle, Gammie and Mom. (Sister is hiding)

Falcons FootballNumber 50… ready to tackle!!!

Falcon FootballNot sure when this kid grew up… but he did.

So tomorrow I will stop by Starbucks on my way to the football field, set up my new purple chair, sit back, sip and see if those refs have improved their Macarena moves.


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