Where is Joy?

Not my friend Joy… I know where she is. Somewhere in the mess of life I have misplaced my inner joy due to outside situations. How much of it is in my control, I don’t know. What I do know is somethings gotta change.

For several days I have felt battered by life and joyless. My Oxford Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus defines joyless as: sad, unhappy, miserable, depressed, downhearted, downcast, despondent, gloomy, disheartening, dreary, dismal. Oh yes… this about sums up my feelings lately in an eleven-word-nutshell.

joy beach wavesI will try not to become mellow dramatic, however, on the Sea of Life there is a huge storm a brewin’ and I’m not seeing any end in sight. So what has thrown me into this pit of pity? I’ll throw out a few items that have been weighing heavy on my heart.

  • World problems… this is serious stuff folks and could change our lives forever.
  • Observing a government (ours) that thinks to blatantly lie and mislead for personal gain, showing a lack of morals is the norm… It’s disheartening that this is now readily accepted instead of challenged.
  • Biased media who no longer reports/gives news but opinions.

Okay… the above is pretty heavy-duty stuff and enough to take anyone under. But there’s more. On the home front…

  • Our phone service has been out AGAIN for three days. Finally got ahold of someone after an hour and a half on my cell phone this morning. The helpful(?) gal at the other end tried calling me and sure enough… couldn’t get through. They can get someone out here tomorrow between 8am and 6pm. The problem is across the street where now they have technicians working. In the mean time… no home phone service.
  • We are trying to figure out a financial game plan that will allow for an all-inclusive working car for me without risking food or shelter. So far it’s not happening.
  • This old laptop continues to do its Lazarus impression. Yep, it’s in the dream column of the budget also.
  • I have some un-neighborly neighbors. Won’t go into details but if I could move tomorrow to a quiet, roomy country cabin in the woods… (preferably woods that aren’t on fire) I would.
  • And there are the even more personal relationship problems that comes with some family. All of which I will continue to keep hidden inside the walls of my heart. Those are between Poppa and me.

Snoopy joy happy danceWe all have pressures in our lives… I know this. Usually denial works well for me. Not sure why it isn’t this time. But I do know I want my JOY back. My handy dictionary reminds me that I am missing… pleasure, delight, elation, bliss, gladness, happiness, enjoyment, gaiety.

What’s the best way to jump-start joy? …spending time with friends. So, stay by your phones, I may be calling you soon. Oh… wait… my phones aren’t working.

You’re safe for now, however…this too shall pass. . .

Until then I will rest in Nehemiah 8:10…

Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

joy love hope peace faith


18 thoughts on “Where is Joy?

  1. I hear ya. I have my ups and downs with joy. I have bouts of depression (not saying at all that that is what’s happening here) that just don’t seem to make much sense. No ONE thing seems to be the culprit. I can just FEEL it – in my chest, my gut, my legs, my brain. It’s hard to describe, unless you’ve felt it, too. A counselor/therapist I had once told me I was ‘situationally’ depressed, not clinically. And situations can pile on pretty heavy sometimes. Even if each one is not life-threatening, when they pile on, it just robs you of your joy.

    I chose a WORD this year for my New Year’s Resolution – I chose the word DELIGHT. I wrote it out and it’s taped to my bathroom mirror. I look at that word a lot. I ask myself; “What are you doing today that DELIGHTS you?” That, to me, has been a wake-up call. The days that I don’t purposefully do something that delights me, are the days I can sink, feel low, and lose my joy.

    I hope this helps. Sometimes just knowing someone else struggles can lift your spirits. Take care and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. On joyless days, I tend to just plow ahead–and figure I’ll reassess the situation in a couple months. I suppose it doesn’t always resolve the problems, but it seems to work for me. Take care. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Hang in there, my blogging friend!
    Sometimes it does seem that life assaults us from all sides at once doesn’t it? Have faith in yourself and in those you love. You will find a way through this, and once you come out the other side be a stronger person for it.
    One day at a time, as they say.

  4. I hear ya, sista. One of my students 16-yr-old sister hung herself this past week after being bullied. It weighed heavily on my heart and made me turn back to that Psalm 23 staple. It wasn’t vs. 4 that really caught my eye this time, but vs. 1: “The Lord is my shepard, I shall not be in want.” I needed joy, so I asked for it, and He supplied. Have peace that He is not gonna let you keep trucking along with a frightening shadow over you. Courage is fear that said its prayers. The world fights to take over our joyful perspective and we have to combat it and not limit our joy and thanksgiving to one particular circumstance, but appreciate the little things in each day. One thing that always encourages me is that no matter how bad things get, the best is yet to come. Everything on this earth that’s marked by decay, disease, and death will no longer exist in heaven. Amen! In the meantime, I’ll lift you up in prayer that joy and peace will return to you. If I lived close enough to bring you coffee and chocolate, I’d do that too. ~Hugs!

  5. Aww Jamie… Your coffee and chocolate came in the form of words.
    Once my worries and fears are written and released there was an immediate lightness. This bloggy place has brought me some special friends.Thanks!

    (Such heartbreaking news of your students sister.)

    • Hey there Kate… These walks through the thorny fields are like that. All the little scratches add up to one big ouch… the best part of being older is we know this will fall to the way side and a flower patch will show up soon. 😉

  6. I read this on facebook today and it reminded me of your post: “We all go through Good Friday moments in our lives but remember: The cross didn’t have the last word. The Resurrection did.” –Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

  7. Ellen, I was reading the new Life magazine piece on Mother Teresa, and she experienced what was called “spiritual dryness” for a myriad of years. i think these down times prepare us for other times, yet they’re painful. Know that you’re in the hands of the one who loves you. For me these times remind me of wheat. The field lies frozen and windswept during the winter, but sprouts break through in the spring.

    • Barb… So happy to meet you.

      Often I see these times as reminders that I have strayed off course. When I readjust my compass to point upward and inward. Each day gets better.
      Thank you for your wise and caring words.

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