Jealous? ….. ahhhh nope.

To look at my life on the outside you might feel pity. I don’t wear designer clothes or sparkly jewels. I live in an average house in an average neighborhood. Poor me…       I don’t display any of the trappings of success.

Sitting at an intersection this afternoon a young man pulled up beside me. He looked to be about 25 years of age. As I looked over at him he looked my way. Our eyes met. Then I saw him nudge the person next to him and they both looked over, the driver sliding his, what I’m assuming to be, designer sunglasses down his nose for a better look. I’m still not sure what they were seeing. Possibly they were experiencing great pride in being better than me. Cause nothing says ‘I’m better than you’ than a fancy car.

BMWYou see, Mr. Coool and his friend were driving a brand new BMW sports car. He may have thought I was looking his way because I was in the throes of jealousy.

If so, he couldn’t have been more wrong.

In the lane to the left of Mr. Coool I sat behind the wheel of my 1996 Chryser Cirrus. It used to be a Chrysler but the ‘L’ fell off one day when my son washed it. It was bought used in 1999 and paid in full the day we drove it home. That’s right, no payments. The years have taken its toll on what now is affectionately refered to as The-Hunk-A-Junk.

1996 Chrysler Cirrus red A key is needed to lock and unlock the doors. The remote, for years has been for looks only. The rear passenger door doesn’t even work with the key. That lock must be manually lifted by reaching around after opening the driver’s door. Yeah, it’s a tad inconvenient, but doable. The lock/unlock buttons on the doors don’t work but all the windows do. Half of the dashboard lights have forgotten how to shine. The antenna doesn’t go all the way down because… who knows. Sometimes wasps build nests in the openings along the trunk especially this time of year.

And the crowning glory… This beauty was the victim of the “let’s use a water based top coat” era. That’s right… the shine is peeling off. This feature has offered all kinds of entertainment for Weasy and Scooter who, while waiting for me to get those dang doors open, bide their time by picking at it. Do I care? NO…

1996 Chrysler Cirrus

A peeling car has other advantages. The other day at the gas station there was a couple with a gas can asking for free gas from people who were filling up. I had seen them earlier with their friends. At that time they had money for lunch and cigarettes… ahhh, choices. Knowing this, I knew when asked what my answer would be. As I fortified myself with just the right words I noticed the couple walking back over to their friend’s truck. They had approached every car at the gas pumps… except me. What? Why not? What’s wrong with me?

Then it dawned on me… I didn’t look rich enough. It was obvious to their eyes, so why bother. The thing is I could have helped… if there was a real need.

Judging by outside appearances can give the wrong impression. I am rich, but not in material wealth… and that’s okay with me. Am I jealous of Mr. Coool and his a$tronomical car payment$. No. Do I need a new car? Yes.

1996 Chrysler Cirrus

Do I need to look better than all the other cars around me? No… that is pretty obvious, but I would like door locks that work and a dashboard that lights up….        that would be waaaay cool.

btw: Do you see Italy too?

13 thoughts on “Jealous? ….. ahhhh nope.

  1. yes, Scot I totally agree – stopped at traffic the other day I watched a tiny spider inch out from behind the mirror on the side-mirror scramble down his web grab a fly caught in it and scurry back behind the mirror – yes I know I should wash the car but now I know I have a resident… should I?

  2. There she is. Must be the air in the bookstore or the feel of the riverbank. Yes, I do see Italy. My brother used to say: “If it has four wheels, a steering wheel, and gets you from point A to point B safely, it’s a good car.” I feel that way about my body and bald head. They work while I’m here.When Poppa God says I’ve passed my life-lesson classes and can come home, I won’t need them anymore. Until then I’ll get regular check ups, change my attitude as needed and get a realignment of my balance after each major pothole.

  3. Not to mention your ace in the hole: MARV. You can speak amusingly, I dare say, affectionately, of YOUR car repair man. Wait till those bozos take that little sports car in to be fixed. That’ll make those ginormous payments they’re making look like lunch money.
    You, my dear, are a classy dame–no trappings necessary. (That said, door locks that worked and a lighted dashboard WOULD be nice…are you listening, hubster?) ♥♥♥♥

  4. The immaturity of youth! I think I am cool but I only buy one car a decade. My current car (which is wonderful by the way) is 5 years old with about 12,000 miles. There is a good possibility I won’t need another one in my lifetime! It does have working locks though. I am a princess and I do like working locks and remotes but I don’t use half of the other bells and whistles that came with it.

    • ” Cool is in the eye of the beholder.” And I view you Kate as very cool. 😉

      My lack of spiffy car is totally due to laziness.
      But on the bright side, dit won’t take much to thrill me. I also think my next car will be my last…
      at least I’m hoping so. 🙂

  5. When I became a single person again in my 50s I finally bought the car I’d always wanted – a Celica! OK it’s a 1998 version but it’s mine and yes, it’s paid for. It’s those who need the new and the shiny that should be jealous of those of us who don’t need to scream ‘look at me’ 🙂

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