Aunty Acid revisited.

The pessimistic side of me said it wouldn’t last. Maybe that’s what endeared me to this snarky old lady in the first place. If asked: ‘Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty?’ I’d first ask… depends on what the glass is filled with. Life isn’t near as simple as we think it should be. Me and Aunty Acid know this.

I used to subscribe to the philosophy of eat a frog first thing in the morning and the rest of your day will look good. I know, how negative is that thinking? Although in some respects it did work at getting chores out-of-the-way.

Now that I’m older and wiser. Yes, I said WISER… I know that for me, I work best with a good chuckle… anytime of day. Lucky for me Aunty Acid, because she lives in the UK shows up on my Facebook feed bright and early and as snarky as ever. So I must share a few more of my favorites.

The other day I learned I’ve been doing my Bucket List all wrong.

Auntie Acid Bucket List

The wild life. redefined…

Aunty Acid just coffee pleaseTaking advice can go too far…

Aunty Acid dance and sing

Good news can be depressing…

Aunty Acid boobs touch toes

The best tattoo advice EVER…

Aunty Acid tattoo advice

Is it strange to feel as if you could be friends with a cartoon character? Cause I think I’m starting to experience a friendship building… and I’m okay with this.

Aunty Acid is now Tweeting. Find her @auntyaciduk


14 thoughts on “Aunty Acid revisited.

  1. Ah, yes – Aunty Acid speaks for many of us – and without reservations, or fear of consequences. Come to think of it, there are advantages to being a cartoon character…

  2. Hey Ellen – I found Aunty Acid through you on FB. I quickly LIKED her and now I LOVE her! So, I thank you.

    Snarky-ness seems to be the personality trait that is bubbling up to the top of my aging psyche. (Unfortunately, my Hubby is left clueless and scared, as he watches me develop into this new persona.) Oh well. 😉 Thanks for sharing a few clips. I’m going to scroll around some more right now. (And no… I don’t eat that frog first thing in the morning either. Life is too short to ruin even one morning.)

    • Ahhh… my legacy… spreading the joy of snarkiness.
      I’m happy that you are happy… and you are righter than right, life is too shrt to ruin even one morning.
      and Patti… thanks for making my whole day brighter. 🙂

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