Writer’s Block or Life Block?

Where did my enthusiasm for blogging go? Even more important… where did my enthusiasm for life go? Not sure if I’m going through a mental/emotional slog or if my body batteries need a boost. Where is the ‘life’ recharging station anyway?

I know perfectly well where and who my life source is. I love throwing out rhetorical questions cause there will always be someone who will to throw out an answer.

For the last three weeks I have approached all activities with the same attitude and answer… it can wait till later. But something happened today that couldn’t wait… birthdays are like that. All wrapped up in a neat 24 hour package.

Perhaps my lethargy has something to do with age. Not mine. My granddaughter’s.

Today my oldest granddaughter Hannah celebrates her twenty-first birthday. My heart instantly returned to the delivery room where I was gifted with witnessing her birth. She slipped into this world and into my heart in a nano second. I had experienced the miracle of instant love.

Happy Birthday to my Hannahbelle…

Hannah and Amelie Septermber 2011

Grandma loves you.

(Now, time to get some writing done.)

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Block or Life Block?

  1. Happy birthday, Hannah. Such a beautiful daughter-gift Poppa God has given you.

    Give what you can give – then – step back and breathe. Repeat.

    Fall is in the Michigan air now. There is a sighing in our vegetable garden. The hurry is over, production is winding down. A few leaves have turned bright yellow and floated to the ground.The scuff-through-crispy-piles-of-reds-oranges-yellows-browns, but the sound of the wind through the branches clatters rather than swooshes signaling the time to let go is near.

    Fall is the season of letting go, of gearing down in preparation for winter rest and renewal. All of life changes rhythms in the fall. Your desire for blogging will come back when the fall-beat infuses your spirit. Not to worry, my dear, dear friend. You are simply spinning a fall cocoon. Just be sure to bring your keyboard so you can write through the winter of metamorphosis and into the spring of renewed wonder.

    Until you can write of other things that tug at your thoughts, write of writer’s block and life block until you’ve explored it from the inside out. Write of your cocoon and it’s feel and furnishings and whether it is comfortable or cramped. Write what you know to be true today. Write of the feel of emotional deserts. You’ve got to go through them anyway to get out of them – there is great beauty in the desert. Look for it. Share it.

    I love you to the moon and back a kazillion times over.

    • Oh Pammy…

      I have just fallen into your words. So loving. So wise. So beautiful. And they do help this wandering writing soul.

      The only thing better than reading these words here would be to sit on you porch swing, coffee in hand, observing the changing leaves with you. I continue to thank Poppa for the day Nan married Bob. 🙂

      Love you too…

  2. Ahhh! You are not a lone. I LOVE blogging but the last week I have been dragging. It’s not from lack of inspiration. I have the ideas but not the ambition to write them down. I am not sure what it is but this too shall pass (I hope!). Happy BD to your granddaughter!

    • Ahh Kate… On one hand I’m glad it’s not just me. On the other hand I don’t want either of us to be weighted down with sludge in our ambition. No “I hopes”… this will pass… and quickly. We are dang good people and writers. The blogging world NEEDS us. <– Okay, that may have been a bit overboard. o.0 (or not) 🙂

  3. Take the time to celebrate the passing of time–but keep on blogging, too. I always enjoy your wonderful insights. I’m a strong believer in taking a day at a time–and savoring every moment of it.

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