Just In Time…. School.

September… That glorious month of change. It’s in the air. Can you feel it? As the seasons roll one into the other sometimes the best change of all involves the kids. They went back to school today!

I have just spent my thirteenth summer with Scooter and my eleventh with Weasy. We know each other pretty well. They are excellent button pushers and know where all mine are. I have learned great self-control over the years.

In all honesty, we pretty much laugh ourselves silly over something every day around here because of our keen senses of humor. We’re working with the theory here of humor being like beauty… it’s in the eye of the beholder.

The change in Scoot and Wease was subtle. Possibly unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Not once did either say they were bored knowing my fun activity response will involve car washing, weeds or house cleaning.

I want it known and clearly understood that I LOVE MY GRANDKIDS. I’d take a spit-wad hit in their stead anytime but I’d be hard pressed to explain their behavior this last week but I will admit, they were creative. I have caught them…

 *** Checking the inside of their noses in a magnifying mirror. ***

*** Creating new laptop logos. Mine is now run by intel and MP (?) ***

Pretend computer logo taped on.

*** Playing hide and seek but must only hide behind pillows. ***

***Playing Wii Mario Kart and driving the course backwards. ***

*** Sitting with scissors cutting the recycled paper into tiny pieces. It was after this activity I found an old man reading my blog. ***

Cut out figure looking at computer screen

*** There was the nightly Hide & Seek Dental Floss Game where Scooter hides the floss leaving the container for me to discover it’s empty creating hours of fun. ***

*** After I waved goodbye to the kiddos Tuesday I discovered this. ***

Bathroom sink and toilet paper roll

My only explanation…  We are easily entertained.




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