Little Free Library…

Little Free Library Lawerence Kansas. white with red interior

I first saw these on Facebook in the form of utilizing unused phone booths in England. Not long after that, probably because they had now been brought to my attention, I came across another photo of a Little Library in Lawerence, Kansas. –>

This little gem of an idea will not let me go.

I love the whole concept of it… not to mention the cuteness factor. How could anyone not want to read a book from a little house? Okay, my grandkiddos who refused to read this summer ~Weasy, a straight A student, has read 10% of a book in the last three months.~ may be able to resist. However, I know I could never pass by one without a peek inside.

Now I find out there is a Little Free Library Organization complete with website. Click on the link for a trip over there and you will find the mission statement ~ they have goals and they are noble and good. ~ a gallery section filled with creative little buildings plus a map link to find Little Free Libraries around the world. This is where I found we have a need in my area.

If I had been aware of this idea while teaching I would have never had a classroom without one. But that was then and this is now… And as I think about creating one of my own I have run into a road block… I’d have to release some of my books from my white knuckle grip. I’m going to have to get better at sharing.

National Library Week put your face in a book billboardNow to find a hammer, some nails and a little wood. 

15 thoughts on “Little Free Library…

  1. What a sweet idea!! I’d read something about the British system, but did not know about anything on this side of the pond. I’m wondering if I could get permission from the retirement mobile home park to set up a couple of these….? Thanks for sharing the links too, Sis. ♥♥♥♥

    • Crazy how the mind can latch on to an idea. I envision a world where a Little Library resides at the end of every driveway, on porch steps and at the entrance of all parks.

      Get the hammer out… How could anyone say NO to books?

  2. That little house is so sweet. Thank you so much for sharing this. I didn’t realise there was an official organization. I would have put one of these in my classroom when I was teaching too- the novelty might have encouraged more children to dive in. I wonder if more of these will pop up in the UK with the closure of so many of our libraries?

    • Hello Siobhan… Thanks for stopping by.

      I agree, the novelty would be enticing to children… not to mention a way to build warm memories.

      Sadly, we too are weathering cut-backs in our library systems. This may be a tiny way of compensating.

  3. This is adorable . . . I’ll have to have my friend Tom build me one now!! I didn’t even know they employed the phone booths in England for books but I did see a Doctor Who telephone booth bookshelf that I would love to have!!!

  4. Love that little book case.

    We have an old telephone box in the next village to us that has a take a book, leave a book system. Some villages have turned their redundant phone boxes into notice boards, and even art galleries.

    Pubs and railway stations sometimes have shelves where books can be liberated.

    Another method of encouraging reading is to get into Book Crossing,- otherwise known as releasing books into the wild.
    check out

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  6. I found a free library this summer in a small stone village in the Pyrennees, called Formigueres, in France. I had to take the book home to finish it at the end of the holidays, but I left a book on the shelf to replace it. I just love the idea. I’m coming back this summer. Will return the book…and a couple more.

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