On Saturday Mr. Ireland married Ms. America…

After a week of high 90 and 100 degree weather it was only right the Murphy and his LAW would show up Saturday for a wedding. We awoke to clouds and a few showers. I started thinking that perhaps I wouldn’t get to wear my flip-flops after all. However, the weather guesser said all was going to get better… and this time he guessed right.

In case you weren’t there I will give you a little taste of what you missed.

We arrived to a little town just north of our house a tad late but not worried. How hard could it be to find a park in a village four blocks long? Come to find out the city folks hid the dang thing quite well. On our second pass through town the Hub spied the wedding couple in a horse-drawn carriage heading in the opposite direction of us. Quick thinking told us they knew where the park was and we should follow. A quick u-turn in front of a police car and we were on their trail… all the way to a private back entrance…ACK!!!

In another clever driving move, Hub got us turned around by going against traffic in a bank drive-thru. (I’m sure we are on a security camera somewhere.)

In the mean time I was fielding text messages from family wanting to know where we were, giving directions of where to park the car and how to get into the park. Ah-ha… the park was on a hillside totally out of sight. I brought my pocket camera hoping to get a photo or two to share.

Easing ourselves over the hill, this is what we saw. If we had continued to follow the carriage we would have been park right behind them… much more convenient.

Mr. Ireland marries Ms. America in the park

The couple and their NINE kids!!!

Our nine kids.


Best bride kiss ever.

With a bagpipe player off to the side, we were entertained with Irish dancing from friends and family of the groom.

Irish dancing at the wedding

Reception… Out in the middle of the woods (another adventure in finding the hidden treasure) we were treated to a ginormous pig roast/buffet complete with a soda fountain, an old refrigerator with multiple spigots on the front attached to beer cooling on the inside, (it was sooo creative) and another refrigerator with bowls of ice cream already dished up ready for the topping bar… WOW!!!

I’m sure many went straight to the party skipping the wedding option. There were no tables left by the time we found the house so we set up our own area of chairs for seating and tables in the middle of the horseshoe pit.

at the reception

In the yard behind us the kiddos kept themselves busy with volleyball, badminton, ladder golf and bopping each other with huge balls. We decided it was best to move out of the path of flying horseshoes. We’re smart like that.

games at the reception

Time to say our goodbyes… Mr. Ireland tried to bend this old body into his ‘bride kiss’ position…. instead of creating romance he got laughter!!!

saying our goodbyes

A family picture to remember it all… except some family was still partying so we pulled in another family *friend to take their place…

saying our goodbyes, family photo kind of...

this is Jeff, Sherri, *Tony, Mr. Ireland, the Hub and Me…

In case you’ve all been wondering…the chicken did show up.

there was a chicken at the wedding reception.

(I thought it best NOT to ask.)

Thank you Brian and Wendi, it was an honor to celebrate this day with you.


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