It’s Friday night, do you know where your shoes are?

The Hub and I have just returned home from an afternoon turned evening of shoe shopping. We have a wedding to attend next weekend and well, the invite didn’t say shoes optional. Although this should be on every wedding invitation sent from here on out. Think of how much happier the guests would be. Just sayin’.

If the shoe fits buy it in every colorOkay… back to the shopping. I want to make this as clear as possible… I hate shoe shopping.  I know hate is a strong word, however, in this case it is perfect. I’ve heard all the clichés of the eternal love affair between women and shoes. Not with this chick. Nope. Give me a pair of comfortable, non-foot suffocating, toes exposed to the wind flip-flops and I’m good to go. But this was out of my control. Shoes are needed and they are needed NOW.

When The Shoe Fits Logo

We eventually got to a store named When The Shoe Fits… and there they were… the perfect pair of shoes. Eyes lit up and they were clutched to the chest in joy. But wait… what do you mean you don’t have them in my size? A few calls and a mad dash to another store and taaa-da. The perfect pair of (non-wedding) shoes were bought and the Hub happily walked out of the store with these….

Keen Targhee ii mid hiking boot

(Keen’s Targhee ii MID hiking boot…

which according to Hub is the most comfortable boot ever)

Just in case you are wondering: Next weekend we are predicted to be in the 90’s. The wedding is outdoors and these are already in my closet. I think they’ll do just fine. Next best thing to being ‘shoes optional’.

Shoes from my closet


6 thoughts on “It’s Friday night, do you know where your shoes are?

  1. I would shoe shop for you! Sometimes I just go shoe shopping for therapy trying on as many pair as fits my fancy and buying none! I haven’t bought a swimsuit in maybe 15 years. That is my problem area. I think your alternative will work just fine. If you bought fancy shoes for the wedding they would look like your flip flop sandals. Now for your husband……..

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