I never saw it coming…

I’m not going to stick the label of gamer on myself since I’m not exactly sure of the definition. However according to some of my family I have a problem with a certain online game… and like any addiction, it snuck up on me. I never saw it coming…

I’m a lover of word games. I’ve mentioned before my participation in Words With Friends in which I have moments of brilliance. I also play Scramble which I totally suck at. The grand-kiddos have me playing Draw Something. I am not an artist, but I try. To me these are social games… to play I need to be involved with other people. All was going well when…

Zynga Slingo LogoTwo ‘friends’ sent me some coins and power-ups on Facebook for a game called Slingo. I had no idea they were taking me down the dark path of isolated game playing, obsession and my new go to game. I never saw it coming…

I don’t particularly like the game of slots. Watching numbers and icons spin waiting to see what lines up really doesn’t involve any participation other than starting the spin… likewise with Bingo. Someone calls a number. You either have it or you don’t. Both are boring…

Slots plus Bingo equals SlingoBut smash slots and bingo together and you have Slingo. A bingo type card with a slot type bar at the bottom. Throw in a joker, a super joker, a devil and an angel, level progressions and seasonal challenges and now we have a game worth playing. I have to make decisions and the outcome depends on how wisely I play. Which I have done brilliantly. I’ve also had epic fails.

I found out I had a problem when I was outed by Scooter. When he is looking for me, he now goes straight to the computer room to see if I’m playing. “I thought I’d find you here.” He called me on it the other day. I tried to deny I have a problem but he is right, Slingo is the brain numbing game I hide in… and to think

I never saw it coming.

Zynga Slingo Joker

Note: I would have posted this sooner but I got distracted…

I was playing Slingo… ARGH! It’s worse than I thought.


9 thoughts on “I never saw it coming…

  1. I love your style of humor. It is so well done demonstrating the human side of us all. My problem is that we have an Office Manager of eight years who is addicted to her Kindle Fire with certain games. The sad part is that at $50,000 grand a year salary plus benefits, she plays on our time. Thank God we only have about four months left to retirement from our insurance agency of 28 years. I have no doubt she will miss that big pay check in her retirement, but you can bet I will not miss her. P.S. It is my wife whom I work with every day who lets her get away with this stupidity of gaming on our nickle. The motto here, “Some folks in the market place, truly do not deserve the blessings of their jobs.”

    • John…
      Oh My Stars… How unfortunate. This gal should be demonstrating a good work ethic not stealing from the company. Seems there are many who are complacent about the blessings and opportunities they have been given. (Also…sounds as if your wife has a tender heart.)

      I am fortunate to be home and on my own time. But honestly? I don’t play all that much. We were too busy today throwing balls for the dog, tossing a football around and riding quads. Life is too precious to waste.

      BTW: Thanks for reading. 🙂

    • John: You have an office manager who makes $50K a year?? That is dangerously near my own salary, and I am HR Director of a nonprofit organization with 235 staff. Hmmm…. makes me rethink that whole “non profit” thing. lol Yes I do realize I’ve missed your point but still. $50K??? wow! 🙂

  2. Ellen, I understand your addiction. I enjoy Slingo a little too much, too!! It really is a lot of fun, and that evil chuckle by the Devil is just too much fun! Love to hate that guy. 🙂

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