Set the goal then stick the landing…

gold medalsObviously I’ve been watching too many hours of Olympic coverage and gymnastics in particular. These people fly through the air, twisting and turning till dizzy sets in. Their goal then is to do the impossible… stick the landing.  And yet, they do. The carrot at the end of their stick? A Gold Medal.

These gymnasts illustrate my writing career perfectly. I many times feel dizzy and confused, not knowing up from down. However, to this point I have failed to stick the landing. Not that I haven’t written anything. I’ve written plenty… I have mounds of paper filled with words along with bulging computer files… just nothing to a completion that satisfies me.

Enter August… August 3 to be exact. That’s right, today is the first day of the Willamette Writers Conference … a yearly event where the big wigs of the industry come to me. And yet I have never attended. I drag my feet out of fear. I purposefully make other plans for this weekend out of fear. I pretend I’m sick out of fear. I think we’ve found a running theme here.

Self-confidence is not my strong suit, especially when it comes to promotion of me and my written words in particular. So as of today I have successfully missed yet another writing goal. But this is going to change and here’s why.

I will no longer dangle a carrot out there as incentive. I’ve never particularly liked carrots. However I will declare here and now… I WILL be attending the Willamette Writers 2013 conference…

whether I feel ready or not… I want to stick the landing.

And after I do, I will reward myself NOT with a silly carrot but with a HUGE pan of double chocolate caramel pecan brownies and a gallon of milk.

brownies and milk on red checked table clothThen I will start writing about the day I exploded…

We all have our priorities!


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