A Couch Potato view of the Olympics… and the Olympics

It started this weekend. The Olympic debate. Not should there be sports competition of this magnitude, no, this debate is even loftier. Now that we have satellite television service we have multiple channels of the Olympic Games coverage. Now we, the Hub and I, must decide which events to watch.

Mark Spitz Summer Olympics Munich 1972Being a former award-winning swimmer myself, (yes, I have the ribbons to prove it) and swimming in the same era as Mark Spitz, we (the girls on the team) were smitten by the handsome swimmer. We watched him swim past our girly dreams all the way to the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. In my opinion, to be a summer Olympic sport, water should be involved.

The Hub on the other hand believes a soccer ball needs to appear on the scene to be a valid sport worth watching. Team of choice? If the USA isn’t playing… any and all other teams will do. I’ll admit, I do like soccer. However, for sixteen straight hours? I don’t like it that much. And no, playing soccer in the rain will not be considered a water sport.

Sitting innocently on the table between us…..the television REMOTE. We both eyed it and then each other. The Hub was quicker. Channel power was in his hands. Drats! But all was not lost. I quickly picked up the sound system remote. This will allow me to keep the volume low so I can read… until the Hub falls asleep in his chair… which he did. Then I quietly retrieve his remote, changing the channel to a variety of sports. I’m starting to love badminton!?!

There will be a time when Hub is rested, wake up and regain control of the remote. I will eventually put our differences in perspective… Cause to be honest, where I live, we have multiple Olympics to keep our eye on. Washington States Olympic Mountains majestically placed on the Olympic Peninsula.

Washington State Olympic Mountains at sunrise

Sometimes getting up off the couch is worth it

 It’s a Gold Medal winner everytime…and no remote required.


3 thoughts on “A Couch Potato view of the Olympics… and the Olympics

  1. Ah, Dear Heart, the remote issue. Our TV server allows for the taping of 4 different channels at the same time. Our solution? Toggle between the two we are most interested in and tape the rest – until the video memory is full and asking which I’d rather save – Shrek one through four or Olympic rowing. No brainer – Shrek wins.

    • LOL… Remote is not much of an issue really. The living room easy chair is really the Hub’s a bed away from bed. I have my gold medal worthy get the remote routine down solid. *insert evil laugh here*

  2. No longer having a TV I am following the Olympics remotely. Although if we did have a TV my routine would probably be similar to yours – I wonder how many husbands fall asleep in front of the TV?

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