Caught Up In Curiosity…

Reading email the other day my eye continued to wonder to the right as an ad for a well-known dating service scrolled by on the sidebar. How could one not notice Luke, Patrick, Aaron, Darin and Trevor? They were all young, handsome, fit and smiling at me as they paraded down my screen  …and by young I mean younger than my own sons.

Before I go any farther, please, I want it known I am securely hitched to the Hub and not going anywhere. When we tied the knot we made it secure. It has held for forty-two years, I think we’re good for a few more.

Find My Date computer key

However, there are times when curiosity gets the best of me… even when I know it’s not for the best, I continue on. This was one of those times. YES… I clicked on the advertisement.

What could it hurt to check out the smorgasbord of “hunks” women my age have to choose from? (remember, I’m not available.) Being this was a covert operation I submitted an alias zip code (clever, eh?) and proceeded to the 65+ section of wonderfulness. My eyes gazed upon…

Harold: What was left of the hair was white. He looked gaunt and worn out. Smiling was optional for this photo and he opted out.

Wayne: Had dark brown hair, (colored perhaps?) with VERY gray, extra bushy eyebrows and moustache. While gutting a fish he opted for the smile. Slightly disturbing.

Peter: Pretty boy had an extra white toothed smile, wore lots of jewelry including a pinkie ring. Sat with knees crossed, very tan, holding a drink with an umbrella in it. All that was missing was a wink and neon sign flashing “conArtist”.

Cartoon man tourist with lugage, sunglasses and cameraStew: Clutching a walker, wearing a suit jacket and fedora hat stood on the deck of a cruise ship out at sea. Obviously a hard to catch traveling man.

Barry: Not a slave to fashion, wore vacation plaid shorts, tube socks and sandals. He stood holding a plate of fried chicken.

(Not a Luke, Patrick or Darin in the bunch. I hate reality checks.)

Chicken!!! That reminded me. The Hub, snoozing in his easy chair, was probably getting hungry. If I didn’t feed him soon I might just find his picture on here.  He’ll be dressed a lot like Barry. Tempting, I know, but…

Back off ladies…  He’s All Mine!


10 thoughts on “Caught Up In Curiosity…

  1. LOL Ellen! This is Reason #420 that I don’t like dating sites. I really like all the hot guys they show in their advertising, but the guys in my age range?? Not so much. hehe I am beginning to think perhaps I should change my profile picture for these sites to a cougar…..???? LOL

  2. Laffin’ SO hard my eyes watered, my nose got drippy AND I had to RUN for the loo. OMG, Sis—I love how you make me laff. And you. I love you. ♥♥♥

  3. You totally make me laugh. I see a lot of those dating links on the side of pages and I always think to myself that there is no way the guys will look like that. I will keep the one I have!!

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