My Favorite Aunty…

Aunty Acit iconFacebook has a like feature that has turned into a promotion tool. Well, I’m not big on promoting products in general… especially the I like this coconut smelling soapy stuff and because I like it I’m going to click that little like button and give them free advertising… that’s right, they think all five of my friends look to me as their soap guru. Why should anyone care what soap I prefer?

However, I do have a like or two on Facebook I think you should know about   …and one of them is Aunty Acid.

This wonderful lady above is cantankerous and out spoken, many times saying  what I might think but never dare say out loud. As far as I can tell, she can only be found on Facebook.

Here are a few of Aunty Acid’s thoughts…

Aunty Acid Coffee Good Morning

Aunty Acid's Housekeeping TipsAunty Acid went jogging heard clapping

Aunty Acid dreams of skinny, eating cookies

I love her purse and hats. I adore her wit. (She kind of reminds me of my Gram.) But most of all I love that she makes me laugh.


10 thoughts on “My Favorite Aunty…

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