Tis The Season I Turn Cranky…

fa-la-la-la-laaa… la-la-la-la.

American flag and fireworks

I love my country, it’s some of my neighbors I have a problem with. They make me jumpy, sometimes enough to spill my coffee. Nothing upsets me more than spilling my coffee. Usually there is a week’s progression to get to this point. However, after only one day into the season of explosives, the pyromaniacs were already dancing on my last nerve.

The madness started June 28th when fireworks went on sale. The little corner ‘stands’ have grown into circus tents on each corner. Tent flaps went up exposing tables of eye candy for pyromaniacs. Should firework stands have signs out advertising the size of mortars they are selling? Really? Mortars?

Ka-boom graphicsSince our area still has no guidelines on sanity, it was only a matter of minutes between the start of sales and the following noise which goes on for hours each night. Not just little snap, crackle and pops or the hiss of a sparkler but body jumping ka-bombs that force you to grab your chest to figure out whether 911 should be called.

From the sounds rattling the windows, either the street to the south of us is in battle with the street to the north of us or… we are about to declare war on Oregon! It certainly sounds as if we are capable of winning.

I long for the old days when sparklers and sanity ruled. Since that doesn’t look promising, I will continue to fervently pray for a rainy 4th of July… and the speedy arrival of July 5th. (told you I was getting cranky)

God Bless America map statue of liberty


2 thoughts on “Tis The Season I Turn Cranky…

  1. Ok, I’m at Starbucks b/c my internet is out at home after yesterday’s storm & u seriously had ME spilling MY coffee from LOL at your post! I feel your pain .. . we used to have neighbors like that. Hope today is peaceful & I hope I never make you cranky;-)

    • Jamie… Friends never make me cranky 😉
      unless they make me spill coffee.

      I will remember I owe you a coffee when the
      day comes we meet. I’m assuming you’ll be doing
      a book tour here in my neighborhood. 🙂

      PS… It is much more peaceful tonight…

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