For The Love Of Learning…

…I threw aside pride and listened.

As I was reading through another blog, Scooter showed up, reached over my shoulder, pointed at the screen and said, “I know how to do those.”

My eyes grew wild in amazement. Really?

He assured me it was no big deal as he rattled off the website. Whoa….wait just a minute buddy. Come back here and show me. With that, Scooter became the thirteen year old teacher to the much older Gammy. I’m not going to say I didn’t frustrate him, cause I did… a

After his fill of Gammy frustration, Scooter wrote a reminder for me… which I will share with you. (above) I’m working on the assumption that I’m not the only one in this world without this skill… so I decided to share.

  1. Go to creator page.
  2. Click ‘load’ and enter words. (First words will be biggest.) When done click the submit button on right.
  3. Click on ‘theme’ to choose color desired. (the arrow brings up color menu)
  4. Click on ‘font’ arrow to choose a new style to match flavor of words.
  5. Choose a shape to display your wonder-words.
  6. And save… I use the highest jpg. available.

Follow Scooter’s direction and you could create something like this…

Scooter teaches Gammy about tagxedo.

This is just the basics. Start clicking around the site and there are a multitude of options. I’m pretty sure when it comes to computers and programs, there is a whole lot more I can learn from my Grand-kiddos

… as long as I sit still and pay attention during class.


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