In Case Of Emergency…

In Case Of Emergency

I have a friend in Florida who has been under attack by Tropical Storm Debby. The wind was bad enough but Debby decided to plug the drain and fill my friends town with water. Evacuation became necessary.

This is where I started putting myself in her place. What would I do if I was given 15 minutes to gather what I needed/wanted and leave? In a panic I’d probably grab…

  • Ice cream. If electricity was lost it would melt. I’d hate to come home to that mess.
  • My graduation picture. It is the best touched up picture ever done of me. In it I am young and skinny. It must be saved.
  • ALL my books. Books are important. This is non-negotiable.
  • My Cover Girl WetSlicks Lip Gloss… color350. It’s fantastically moist.

But what are the odds I’d ever have to make this kind of decision? Well, I started thinking about this. I have already lived through…

  • The Columbus Day Windstorm of 1962. It was a mega event and many trees lost life and limb. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)
  • Several earthquakes all the way from ‘hold on tight’ to ‘I didn’t feel anything, did you?’
  • Two tornadoes! I know, we’re not known for this weather phenomenon here in the PNW but they happened none the less.
  • My grandchildren. The end to this story is still to be written.
  • The eruption of Mount St. Helens. Oh yeah… I live here in the middle of paradise.

The best part of this list is they are all rare occasions, except the grandchildren. But they did happen. Was I prepared for the worst? Absolutely NOT!

Awhile back it was given a Basic Disaster Supplies Kit. As with all gifts which require work, I accepted it graciously before sticking it in a drawer and forgetting about it. But not before accomplishing one item.

In my cell phone there are six ICE (in case of emergency) numbers listed. Any emergency personnel finding this will think I am loved by many… when in reality, I’m hoping at least one of the six will answer the call.

Make that ice cream, graduation picture, books, lip gloss and CELL PHONE!

emergency kit items


4 thoughts on “In Case Of Emergency…

  1. I’m back home Nelly, and as far as a to bring list I did bring my cell phone, but not the charging cord, and my laptop without the power cord,and a change of clothing but no additional underware… so much for efficiency.

  2. We had the rains and wind from Debby . . . tore up our screened in porch and knocked down our neighbor’s tree. My mother-in-law’s dock is under water (she lives off a canal near the Cape Coral Yacht Club Beach–same story for all her neighbors as well). Nothing compared to the 3 hurricanes we went through in 2004 & 2005 and the tornado that destroyed my house in Michigan when I was 8.

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