Alarm Clocks and Free Days…

Garfield smashing alarm clock.Today was one of those days. I’m sure we’ve all had them. The alarm went off before the sun was up. Why doesn’t the clock automatically know this is my day off? It’s my sleep-in day.

I swear, every machine I own knows everything about me accept this clock. I tried rolling over thinking I could get back to sleep but the clock sat perched across the room laughing at me with ear-splitting tunes. It also doesn’t know my taste in music. I heard my bones snap, crackle and pop into place as I shuffled my way to the offender with a slipper in the attack position.

Being there is no reason to get dressed, I’m not. I sit here, comfortably I might add, in my pajamas with a cup of hot morning coffee waking the brain cells as I look at the day’s do-list.

Brilliance hits at the most unexpected times. There is nothing on the list that could not be done online. Oh yeah… not only would I not have to get dressed, I wouldn’t have to put on shoes or dodge rain drops. That ML degree (Masters of Lazyology) is finally coming in handy.

  • Banking: Auto deposit and pay bills online. A no brainer.
  • Grocery Shopping: Use online grocery list, submit to store and wait for delivery. (They’d probably appreciate not having to wipe my nose prints off the freezer windows in the ice cream aisle.)
  • Clothes Shopping: Will be much more fun with my feet up… as I peruse the comfy pajama sites.
  • Books: Download anything I want from Amazon or the Public Library. Since I’m not going anywhere I’ll have plenty of time to read.
  • Oh my, this is going well.
  • Coffee: Whoa.. wait a minute. Starbucks doesn’t deliver. We have a problem.

Nope, this will never work. And I was so close to getting to wear my pajamas all day today… but rest assured as soon as Starbucks starts delivering….

Really? Don’t be playing with me Starbucks…

Starbucks Delivery ServceComing soon to a shop near me… I hope, I Hope, I HOPE 


4 thoughts on “Alarm Clocks and Free Days…

  1. I am really a fan of click-and-get-anything-I-need.

    I have even eliminated Starbucks from my list of must-haves by buying heavy cream for my coffee. I also add cinnamon to my coffee grounds before brewing. A little cinnamon, a splash of cream, and I don’t need Starbucks.

    It’s a wonderfully lazy life! 😉

  2. Love this post! I love “jammie days” where I just laze around the house, puttering online, watching movies, reading. I love online everything, too. I even get annoyed when I have to actually “call” the pizza parlor because the one I want to order from doesn’t have online ordering! It’s amazing how we can do everything online and never have to interact with a human being! 🙂

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