Times up… how’d you do?

It is officially Summer, this means Spring Cleaning Season is over.

How did you do? Me? I failed miserably. I usually do so I’m not surprised or bummed about it…

immaculate houses, fascinating women

I still get the urge to try to accomplish the task. I’ve lived a few years with a modified FlyLady routine in place. Modified, as in do as little as possible to ensure no raids from the health department. I’ll be the first to admit:

  • If I have the choice of washing windows or meeting a friend for coffee… the friend wins.
  • If I have the choice of scrubbing the tub or reading a book… the book wins.
  • If I have the choice of mopping the floor or eating ice cream… the ice cream wins.
  • If I have the choice of ironing or… okay, I’m tricking you here, I’m not sure I even have an iron.

Today I gave myself a one day grace period. Although we have made the first step into summer …much to Scooter and Weasy’s protests… I decided an attempt at post-Spring Panic Cleaning was in order.

I shoved the vacuum cleaner handle into Weasy’s hand, gave the dust buster to Scooter while I grabbed a dust cloth and yelled ‘GO’. There was a moment of stunned silence as we looked at each other…

We gave it our all for almost 10 minutes. Exhausted we dropped onto the sofa listlessly high-fiving each other. A job well done… well, a job done… kind of. Pressure’s over for another year…

Now for that ice cream!


8 thoughts on “Times up… how’d you do?

  1. I like your approach – sensible, time limited – leaving lots of time for more interesting things. Though if your team is willing to travel, you might be able to encourage other people to bid for your help. I’m thinking about how to raise on Caro’s bid…

  2. A sensible and side splitting approach, Nelly. Let’s see, I need to stock up on icecream, books (pleanty of those), friendship, and ??? Hugs aplenty when you ring my doorbell,

  3. Great post! I’m following FlyLady’s system too! I post every day of my progress (or lack of) as well as life as a teenage mother. If you’re interested, check out my blog at mummalish.wordpress.com and we can FLY together

    • Alicia… Just back from visiting your site. Love your enthusiasm for life and FlyLady. Ryder is a cutie.

      My journey with FlyLady has been a roller coaster ride, just as life is. 😉 I’m not a must do follow the plan type of follower…but I have the basics down.

      Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

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