One Password Away From Health…

Camp Grandma signCamp Grandma opened today.

The kiddos pounded on the door while yelling let us in this morning. Both campers, Scooter and Weasy, noisily tumbled into the entry after following instructions …turn the door knob and push… I don’t think they expecting me to up and ready. HA!

Wii Fit front cover.

Just after breakfast the fun began when Weasy decided we needed to get more fit with Wii Fit.

Dragging out the balance board we heard it groan loudly in protest as we hopped aboard. To get even it reminded us we hadn’t visited in 514 days. Dang machine is a relative of ‘big brother’. It’s been keeping track of us. I wanted to protest or at least try to explain but there is NO place in the Wii Fit program to complain about their math. (I still think it is wrong.)

First up was Scooter who gave a shocked look at the screen. Password? So maybe it had been a long while because Scooter had no idea what it was. After seven rounds of random password entries to get to the what is your height question, we discovered Scooter has grown 5 inches in the last 514 days!

Wii Fit push ups and plankIt was then we were treated to Scooter’s version of the push ups and plank routine… He totally cheats! See the gal to the right? Yeah, she’s doing it right. Scoot’s behinder was firmly resting on the floor. He’ll deny it if you ask.

Wii Fit  in air obstacle courseThrough laughter, challenges and taunting we made it through several of our favorite activities.

If the first day of our summer fitness challenge is any indication, we are all going to have abs of steel.

All from laughing… the best exercise EVER.

Don't step on it... It makes you cry. Scale and two girls.





4 thoughts on “One Password Away From Health…

    • Good idea Jamie…
      but first I will need to learn Photoshop.

      Shhh, lean in close…
      My goal is to be able to touch my toes.
      I’m three inches away from success.
      I know this because the kids drag out
      the ruler and measure. …sigh…

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