Garage for Sale… ha.ha.ha.


Garage sale sign, crap you may need

NOT our sign…
but clever none the less.

After several of us combed through our no longer needed treasures …honestly, mine was junk… we staged it all and opened for business. Cars rolled up the drive spilling bodies out to scan our wares.I pulled the Friday morning into all day shift… first day of the two-day sale. My job quickly turned into greeter number two. I was the human contact just after a tail wagging hello from Zoey, a most friendly black lab. And along the way that day I made some observations.

  • Friday is Senior Day. 98% of the cars held gray-haired people who moved slowly. Mostly they came as couples, next was older men and then there were the two women who were basically a party on wheels. They laughed as they arrived and laughed as they left.
  • Some came with an agenda, a special item they were looking for. Most did not. Items we thought would go fast didn’t. Those items we thought had no chance went fast. We obviously knew nothing.
  • Buying for grandchildren brought out smiles and stories and thoughts of how they were going to be in trouble for buying the BIG doll-house for Suzy’s little room. We still encouraged the purchase.
  • There were many who bought yarn for their charity work. Knitting and crocheting for babies in need. These ladies were gentle souls with enormous hearts.
  • The fellas found joy and out-loud laughs in throwing a tennis ball for Zoey even though their throwing arm just isn’t what it used to be. Zoey didn’t care.
  • Of course there were the few (thankfully VERY few) who were onerous and basically wanted us to give them whatever they wanted. We didn’t. Under that smile which greeted them is an extremely stubborn streak. (heh,heh,heh)
  • For these older folks, garage sales are a social event. There was lots of banter, memories shared, neighbors met and those who would settle into the chairs we were selling for an even longer chat. One neighbor came by twice.
  • And the number one joke of the day has been around the block, several times… “Hear you have a garage for sale.” Those words, delivered with a wink and a smile never get old.
  • These lovely people made for some fun memories.

Garage sale, not selling garage.



6 thoughts on “Garage for Sale… ha.ha.ha.

  1. I’ve had maybe 5 garage sales over the years and never made enough money from any of them to cover the cost of placing the ad for it in the paper. I think I’m garage sale cursed!

  2. Oh, yeah, garage sales. I’ve done a few and always swear it will be my last. A Lot of work. I did get better at just letting everything go. I learned to divide the garage/driveway/yard in sections and everything in one section is one price, everything in another, another price. So like $1 for that table, $5 for that table, etc. Then one person mans the table and prices whatever they buy for the checker outer person. Then I had an “everything that fits in this bag for $1” area. Anyway, it was easier than pricing everything but still a lot of work. And when it got confusing I’d just say “I’ll take $10 for everything in your arms.” Sell out – Get out. That’s my motto. 🙂

    I do really like your observations about the people. It’s true – garage sales mean something different to everyone. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Patti… I like the sectioning idea. Not sure I will ever have the chance to use it however since I am declaring this the last sale I will EVER take part in. (Don’t hold me to that though.)

      Especially like your motto. 😉

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