Best Commencement Speech EVER!

big red reality checkYOU are NOT SPECIAL…

Gotta love a good reality check… and the 2012 graduating class at Wellesley High School received the best one ever as a commencement Speech.

This video is making its way around the web with mixed reviews. Some people hate it, finding it rude and uncalled for. Others love the message and agree. I fall into this camp. I found it accurate and quite entertaining.

Following is the 12 minute video, well worth the time, of the commencement speech by David McCullough Jr., English teacher at Wellesley High School and son of historian and author David McCullough.  I personally have dedicated 36 minutes of my life to listening and will probably give David’s words some more time before I’m done.


As long as we’re breathing… there is learning to be done.


4 thoughts on “Best Commencement Speech EVER!

  1. Oh my gosh! Thank you soooo much for sharing this . . . brought tears to my eyes. How inspirational–especially as some of the children at Vacation Bible School I’m teaching this week are driving me nuts, lol. Gonna go post it to my Twitter and FB now:)

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