Generation Next…

I have been attending far too many funerals lately. Thankfully none of them have been mine. I am quickly becoming the older generation and I’m not liking it one bit. However, now that I am the honorary queen bee of the family I don’t want to fall off my throne too soon.

So…the other morning as I was adding more nose prints to the front window while I watched a parade of joggers pass by …did they not notice the sun wasn’t up yet?… I was struck with a brilliant idea. I will stave off sickness and regain health with yoga. Yes… yoga was going to be my key to fitness, vitality AND flexibility. I’ve never had flexibility. What a treat this was going to be.

Needing to start slowly, my search for just the right yoga DVD took me through a mire of options… power yoga, yoga meltdownthat didn’t sound good, yoga for every body except mine, yoga for the warrior and nude yogaokay, that one is just plain scary. Then I found it…

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams DVDGentle Yoga with Jane Adams. The description gave all the right requirements… the perfect exercise for mid-lifers from 40 to 70. That was the deciding factor for me. If a 70-year-old could do this, so could I.

Or so I thought. I have since found out when lying down for the 20 minute morning warm-ups I can be back to sleep in a mere six minutes. And by the way… the older chick on the left is totally showing off by putting her foot on her knee and not toppling over. She’s obviously an overachiever. I have yet to do anything on this dvd without having to hold on… except the sleeping. I haven’t fallen off the floor yet.

If I stick with the program, this is going to change my life… or end it.          Either way, the naps are nice.


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