Blessed By Thoughtfulness…

Last weekend with family was memorable. It always is, but usually from inadvertent blunders. However this year being among people of like mind …insane… there was a twist. My niece Anita and brother Eric had been working hard behind the scenes and were full of surprises.

Saturday afternoon I arrived to two new Starbucks Cards for my collection… San Francisco‘s Painted Lady’s and the Florida Flip-Flop card. Anita had called in favors from strategically placed cousins and commissioned traveling friends. Later that evening the Texas card was placed in my hand…

Starbucks Gift Card

  (note to self: make more friends around the U.S. and world.) 

Sunday evening while sitting around resting from a day of picnicking and playing, my brother walked into the room and handed me yet another card… New York Citys Central Park. He had stealthily procured the card for his wife’s (Carol) birthday but got me one too. (I can hear the collective aww’s now.) He didn’t feel right handing me a card she did not already have… (I personally saw nothing wrong with it) …so she got a little gift a bit early. I liked the idea that someone else has a birthday and I get a gift…. SWEET!

But that wasn’t the end. (Seriously… I was already feeling overwhelmed already by their thoughtfulness.) At the pool Anita gifted me with one more surprise…  the Discoveries card from Taiwan.

What a weekend… hours of fun and five new cards for the collection…

My family is the BEST!


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