Picnicking, Remembering, Playing, Recovering

Hub and I returned home yesterday evening for the 42nd time from my family’s annual Memorial Weekend gathering. Yes, we take time to reflect and remember. However… we pack so much more into the weekend.

Saturday starts with the evening meal at Todd and Dawn’s home. (my nephew and niece.) That’s right, the one and only Dawn from Blogging for Coffee fame. Although this is the time the kiddos are getting re-acquainted with each other we have decided it is also the perfect time to get that group shot of the cousins to see how everyone has grown… Herding cats would be easier.

cousins annual group picture

Okay… who’s missing?

Sunday is our picnic day at Rick and Anita’s lake house. (also a nephew and niece)  On a clear day Mount Rainier can be seen standing guard at the end of the channel as we play down by the water.

Fishing at the lakeFishing at the lakeThose of us who love to be by the water, this year could be found in paddle boats, kayaks or on the dock fishing… and the hardy souls (the kids with wet suits) could be found IN the water…

at the lake

paddle boat and kayak at the lake.So much activity happening around us but always… the visiting was the best, punctuated with lots of laughter.

Memorial Day… this is the real reason we gather. A tradition started much earlier then I care to think about, but the sentiment has never changed. We have been blessed by those who have selflessly walked this earth before us.

Memorial weekend service

After the service we are off to three different sections of the cemetery to visit three different generations who we continue to love and miss.

Memorial Day at the cemetery

We don’t want to waste a minute of the weekend. That’s right, once again we pack up and take off down the road (about a block) to the swim club where we have yet another bar-be-que…and the kids play in the water one more time until wrinkled.

By this time we are all feeling the fatigue but unwilling to give in…

floatie day at the swim club

The weekend focus for us is not just about remembering the past but building relationships and memories for the next generation.

From this year we will laugh about and remember… although all of us from a different perspective… Wham-O being embossed on my forehead by a rocket-like hit from Logie while playing baseball, the verbal flogging I took about blogging from those who don’t understand my amazing talent. (keep it up fellas, but remember, I have this nifty forum for pay backs… just sayin’ ) and this was the year after a serious discussion, my brother renamed me Margaret. (That is a story for a different time.)

Now… I have a couple of days worth of sleep to catch up on.

Note: these are only a few of the 174 pictures I took.


5 thoughts on “Picnicking, Remembering, Playing, Recovering

  1. We took our daughters to their first Memorial Service this year so they’d understand it’s about more than a BBQ. Sounds like you really had fun . . . herding cats would be easier–still LOL at that one. And yes you are one talented gal so keep it up!

    • Jamie… Most of our nations special days are being diluted into “always on Monday and there is a sale involved”. Your daughters are blessed to have your guidance.
      …and thanks for the encouragemant. 😉

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