Bucklist Update… (an addition)

I found these guys a while back and stuck the video on my favorites list. Recently, while I was being efficient… okay, procrastinating…sigh…yes, I was wasting time… I decided to delete all the old links saved for that future date when I was going to give them my full attention. Which never happens but I live with the hope.

I came across the title ‘top secret drumming’. Memory failed me. What in the world do secrets and drumming have to do with each other? Curious I took a look …and happy that I did. On the Bucketlist they go…

I will be the first in line if there is EVER the chance to see the The Top Secret Drum Corps of Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  That chance will have to have miracle written all over it …but then I do believe in miracles… so on the list it goes.

These fellas are fantastic and their precession phenomenal…but it is at the very end where they will razzle-dazzle you. Hope you enjoy!


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