Hello, My Name Is…

Ellen and I am the founder of S.A.L.A.M.I.

salami sausage


It all started with one label which has been stuck on me without my permission. Baby Boomer! First and foremost, I am NOT a baby. Haven’t been for years. And the BOOM part of the labeling is ridicules. I was not an explosion. I was a human being, born into a loving family. End of story. However somewhere, someone decided to lump me into a vast demographics and I have been struggling to escape ever since.

Labeling can stifle, hinder and even stop people from achieving their full potential. And, more importantly, are many times false. These labels are even more tragic.

Mostly I can deal with the reality monikers… yes, I’m  overweight, wrinkled, a reader, a writer, a candle stick maker. (Not really, but I was on a roll.) These are all individual traits. They are mine and I claim them…

What I take exception to is being lumped into a group (BOOMERS r US) as if we were all grown and picked from the same field. We weren’t. Poppa God created us individually. My experiences are not your experiences. (You should be thankful for that.)

salami bites

We’re worth fighting for…

Therefore, if you are feeling the constraints of Lump-dom on your life, come join me in the promotion of…


Stop All Labeling And Misleading Identities 

Stop the mindless practice of being linked together through arbitrary reasoning. Stand up for your individuality.

Sheesh… this freedom fighting business is exhausting and strange… suddenly I have the urge to learn candle making…

Happy Salami Day sign


4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is…

  1. The internet has the unique ability – through like attracting like – of categorizing us. Bookmarks, data-mining, google account history and cookies do the rest, and alter the ads we see on each web-page we visit. We may not be so unique as we think when compared with an aggregate of 100 million people.

    • I don’t think you were meaning to, but I believe you just supported my theory. All of the avenues you mention are just ways of guessing at who they think we are. I’m much more complex than that and I believe you are too. And as to your last sentence… I couldn’t disagree more.

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