The Procrastination Post…

This is not about how to procrastinate. I’m sure we all have our own clever ways of not getting to what needs getting to. But I just had an ah-ha moment. And this is it. You are reading actual procrastination right now! I’m sitting here, at this moment, procrastinating!!! (Glad you could join me.)

So what am I avoiding? A back-breaking session in a flower bed that has needed attention for a few years… yes, YEARS. The Hub has been hard at work using the mini- rototiller he gifted me with for Mother’s Day. …a gift I didn’t realize I wanted but evidently he did.

Now we are on the weather-time-crunch schedule. Rains to start up again Sunday night. So this is our window of opportunity to get plants in place for a free watering.

This is part of what I’m facing…

Part of rototilled flowerbed.

Doesn’t look so bad from this angle but… it is twenty-three feet of 8 inch DEEP, chunked up crab grass roots… which MUST be removed or forever (like our past experience) dealt with. And this is after working on it for a few hours yesterday.

A boring picture of chunked up dirt.

I’m getting dangerously close to having to click publish and declare procrastination time over. I know I’ll be happy with myself later after my fingernails have collected dirt, I’m sweaty, my back aches and the chore is done.

But in the mean time I actually accomplished something even though it’s not what I should be doing… this post! 


10 thoughts on “The Procrastination Post…

  1. Guess why your post caught MY eye! Thanks Ellen. FYI I had a bed like that which is now planted – WITH GRASS SEED. If you can’t beat it….

    • Roundup will be my last resort… for now I’m buying IcyHot by the gallon. 😉

      Somehow I equate this little patch with Jesus’ parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-30)
      I’ve been gifted with the dirt and I must use it wisely, and to that end will NOT give up (unless the body gives out) Although I doubt (hope? pray?) I will be deemed the ‘worthless slave’ and thrown into the outer darkness over it.

      Mostly my aim is for some order and cheery color.
      Hope your patio plants make you smile. 😉

  2. Procrastination is my middle name and is humorless, unlike yours. Your blog make me smile, and sometimes laugh out loud. Thank you, Nells!

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