Music Therapy…

Music has taken up a huge part of my existence. Starting in grade school with choosing the violin and cello to play. (nerdy kids unite!) I progressed to piano which has helped me through many stressful days. I would come home from work and pound the keys with intensity until the music diffused the strain and calm prevailed.

The last few days have been filled with abundant activity and situations… also known as stress. I have a few ‘go to’ songs that have the ability to lift my spirits instantly… this is one:

If that didn’t get your bones moving… turn the volume up and listen again.

I have evolved with the times. Michael Franti lives part-time in my Sanza and in a few minutes will serenade me and the lawn mower as we dance to the beat around the backyard. Music is my friend…


4 thoughts on “Music Therapy…

  1. I’m just impressed you’re out there mowing the lawn! I purposely ran over something bad the one time I did it so hubby would say I didn’t have to do it again;) Hey, he acts like he’s an idiot allllllllllll the time to get out of doing things so I figured I owed him on, hA!

    • Hey Jamie!!! Way to reverse roles. (high fiven’ YOU!)

      I actually LIKE to mow the lawn. Love mindless activity with instant gratification. But I am going to keep in mind your ploy… just in case.

  2. I don’t know how I would get through my days without my music to accompany them. In fact, it is a challenge for me to write without just the right music playing in my headphones!
    Thanks for the Michael Franti boost–my toes are tapping now. 🙂

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