Lucky 13…

Sometimes we are just blessed. That happened to me 13 years ago when Scooter came scooting into my life. My first grandson!!!

scooter's 13th birthday

Scooter and his birthday pie.
One candle lite thirteen times.

I’m going to try not to get all schmaltzy here cause it would embarrass him. On second thought what better reason? Let the schmatlzing begin…

I was entrusted with daily care for the kid when he turned three months and Mom had to return to work. It was one of those deals where everything clicked. We’ve kind of grown up together. At times I fear he’s beating me. We tease each other relentlessly until I can’t take it anymore. If he wants something and I’m being obstinate, I demand he call me Princess Grandma. All other times I’m just plain Gammy. (That is not a typo, there is no ‘R’)

So today he turned 13 years old. He’s been looking me in the eyeballs for over a month, continually reminding me that as he gets taller I’m getting shorter, cause that’s what OLD people do. That’s when I remind him I’ll always be older AND wiser. He’s comeback? Older maybe but the wiser is debatable. Pretty snarky kid, sure you want to go there? He’ll give me that twinkle-eyed smile saying ‘sure do’… and the banter begins.

birthday cell phone

Scooter with his very own cell phone.
One very happy camper!

 Our verbal high-jinks is now kicked up to the next level… texting.   

I’m ready kiddo…. bring it on!




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