The phone had not rung all day…

…it was an eerily wonderful silence. But I hadn’t noticed till I went to make a call and found no dial tone… only static. I noticed the base flashing “in use”. Wait a minute, I’m the only one home so how is it in use? I set out to find which of our four phones was the offender only to find all were in place. Hmmmm…..

evil phone use bad manners My mind went into detective mode –yep, my inner Columbo is never far below the surface. The night before we had gotten another unknown name call with the number 000-000-0000. THAT WAS IT!!! Unknown had hijacked our line and was using it for evil deeds. This was not good and I must act fast. I grabbed my cell phone and used AT&T to call CenturyLink to give them a heads up.

computer voice callingI talked to the CenturyLink mechanical man who seemed to have a hard time understanding me. That was when I realized being on speaker phone he was also listening to the television. I got two steps farther before accidentally hanging up. ARGH!!!

Being determined to foil the world’s evil phone villains I continued on, this time making it to the end of mechanical man’s questions. Evidently, mechanical man is excellent at multi-tasking. While we were having our stimulating conversation he was preparing his final speech…

It appears there is a break in your service line. It is being worked on. You will be unable to make or receive calls during this time. (Hey, genius machine man, I’m obviously making a call right now. So-HA! Attitude was starting to kick in.) We are working to get repairs done as quickly as possible. If this answers your question hang up now or….

chocolate ice cream sundeaClick… I hung up. Over the next day and a half I talked to machine man two more times. Each time comforting myself with a bowl of ice cream. I find ice cream a great motivator… and reward. So I called two more times than necessary (getting the same response) and the line between motivation and reward became blurred by a sugar high. I was more than ready to have ice cream for breakfast this morning but…

I awoke to a fully functioning telephone. Then it happened, the phone rang breaking the two-day silence… that’s right it was from ….Unknown Name…. ARGH!!!


3 thoughts on “The phone had not rung all day…

  1. Sounds like fodder for your next novel. A stay-at-home grandma with an inner Columbo- great main character.

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