Scraps of Paper…

…are taking over my life. This isn’t a new problem. I come by my paper and pen addiction genetically. Thanks Dad. I remember going to the stationary store (Anyone else remember those days before OfficeMax and Staples?) where I watched him carefully pick out a pen. That’s right, we went shopping for “a” pen.

The pens and paper are for naught if not used… so use them I do. This is where the next problem kicks in. I am also a note/list writer. Those little gems that triggered a thought and must be remembered. I save them on scraps of paper before filing them away for future use. That’s when another problem arises… I have NO FILING SYSTEM! …so the paper pile to my right grows as they wait for what is never coming.

Today I’ve decided was the day to mine the mountain of wisdom and wit… okay, random words. And this is some of what I found.

The four letter “F” word… Fear, is easily overpowered by the five letter “F” word…Faith! (I think I was going to write on this once.) 

You are too old. Quit trying to look trendy. (No idea where this came from or where it was going.)

Haikus are easy, but sometimes they don’t make sense. Refrigerator! (my most favorite poem…EVER)

What’s the one thing you do really well? (Still thinking on this one. Right now ‘make clutter’ is coming to mind.)

Cool Beans! (Used to be a favorite saying but why I wrote it down? No clue.)

Tuesday night – 7pm (Argh… I either need to remember something or have already missed it.)

Don’t use the “s” unless it will add 10-12 points or more. (A Words with Friends help.)

Happy Birthday from your two favorite people! (inside) The surprised look on your face right now suggests that perhaps we were wrong. How embarrassing.  (Evidently I was going to make a birthday card.)

Remember – the whole world is full of stories and one of them is yours. (Not sure if this refers to my life’s story or the one(s) I’m writing in which case more than one of them is mine.)

Note paper clutter

Some of the scraps are now gone. The mountain has become a foothill and the trek continues… but first I need to make a note to remind myself where I’m heading.


11 thoughts on “Scraps of Paper…

  1. My scraps of paper are sticky notes all around the edge of my monitor. When I run out of room for the next one then it’s time to purge.

    • Do I dare admit this? I have a HUGE bundle of ‘post-its’ from COSTCO also. I use them to work on my story time line… the window frame above this laptop is a whole other issue. 😉

  2. I do this too! I’ve begun to make a habit of collecting these stray bits in a small notebook, but sometimes they still end up on post-its and odds and ends.
    Those are some great thoughts. I hope I can read more about them soon!

  3. My scraps of paper are now a bunch of small notebooks; now when I lose/bury one a whole lot of thoughts and tasks are temporarily gone. At least I hope it’s temporary.

    I think there are a lot of us notes-on-paper writers out here!

  4. When I get inspirations/ideas/thoughts etc, I must always write them down or they are soon forgotten. And it’s usually a scrap of paper… I usually transfer them as quickly as possible to a notebook before the slip is lost or forgotten… 🙂

    • Ah-ha… capturing thoughts and trapping them on paper before forgotten… always a good idea. I marvel at your ability to transfer them Chris. And I’m noticing a running theme emerging… 😉

  5. I don’t use scraps of paper, I’ve always used notebooks, which take up a lot more room, as my husband is always pointing out. I recently found one I purchased 15-20 years ago (I can tell because it still has the price sticker from the store, and the store closed about 15 years ago) and it has 3 lines written on first page. I read them, and loved them — only I can’t remember what the story was supposed to be!

    I definitely agree with you on the pen and paper addiction. There used to be a small office supply store near my childhood home. I could spend hours in that place, even as a teenager! They had two full aisles of pens, plus reams and reams of paper. I used to buy different color reams to mark different drafts of stories, for my typewriter. Unfortunately, the store went out of business shortly after Office Depot moved into to.the area.

    • Oh my … I think there are going to be some ‘notebooks’ in my future. No idea how that will pan out but worth a shot. …And soooo glad there is someone else who remembers ‘stationary stores’ before the big box era.

      Happy you found your three outstanding sentences… and that they make it into your writing at some point. (So I will be able to read them. 😉 )

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