A New Family Tradition?

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Clark Public Utilities Home & Garden Idea Fair. A fun place for homeowners, not so fun for kids… especially boys who are closing in on the teen years. And we happened to have one of those with us.

It was in the home idea building where I first saw a mug filled with the gems of inspiration. Hey Scoot… why don’t we see how many logo pens we can collect for Grandpa? And that was when logo pen kleptomania began.

The cheap, plastic pens have no monetary value… it is the thrill of the hunt Scoot was focused on… And thrilled he was.

We now have copious amounts of penage to choose from…

Clark Public Utilities Home & Garden Idea Fair, Logo Pens

A sampling of logo pens captured at the idea fair.

We are now looking forward to next year to see if we can beat our count from this year. It was just another day hanging with my grandson making memories.


4 thoughts on “A New Family Tradition?

  1. This post reminds me of the time my children took my father (their grandfather) to the Ikea store. He said that the short pencils that Ikea provides to make notes about possible furniture purchases would be perfect for his workshop. That’s when the “Ikea kleptomania” began as the kids helped Grandpa collect pencils for his workshop. Both young and old had a wonderful time.

  2. Sheryl… Happy to hear you have a similiar memory making event. Do you think of that whenever you visit IKEA?

    My kiddos each take a “pencil and score card” then we hunt for the putt-putt golf course they have hidden in the store. So far we have never found it. Looks as if we have little games we play wherever we go. Makes life fun! 😉

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