Tree of a Different Genre…

I am a lover of trees! I better be considering I live in a state known for trees… aka Washington. Trees here will start-up and grow anywhere if you are not paying attention. This is total truth… one spring about 10 years ago we decided to wash the Hub’s truck. It didn’t get done often so we were surprised to find directly behind the cab, proudly rising from the full line of moss, seven fir-tree seedlings standing tall. The new spring growth suggested it had been a fall planting we were about to harvest. The Hub had been driving these gems back and forth to work for who knows how long.

basic cat tower

an example of a basic cat tower

But this isn’t about that. This is about my son’s house. He and his wife are the caretakers of two kids, four cats, one dog and two rabbits… as of today. It could all change tomorrow. I’ve heard rumors of chickens joining the troops.

Those four cats need a place to climb, so into the living room came a basic cat tower. Molly, Rounder, the Boz and Scrapers gave the cardboard tubes covered in carpeting a good workout. With each jump or move the tower began to sway. The day was coming when it would all be found dismantled on the floor with four cats standing around pointing a paw at the other meowing “he did it”.


My son, Captain Create-It, has the ability to fix just about anything. And by fix I mean upgrade. Each time I was there he’d say “yeah, I really need to do something about that“. Then a couple of weeks ago he did…

refitted cat climbing tower

the Boz claims top billing!

Somewhere out back now there is a tree which has been severely trimmed. If only we hadn’t washed the truck… never mind, a replacement shouldn’t be hard to find. I’ll check the house rain gutters in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Tree of a Different Genre…

  1. Now that is a structure that cats would love. I’m impressed. Hope you find that replacement tree – have you checked the rain gutters yet?

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