The OVER Caffeinated Blogger

I am that blogger …and there is a VERY good reason. A while back (in March) I wrote a post Blogging for Coffee… a Tribute. It’s always a joy to share with others about people we love. The suggestion for this particular tribute came from my niece Dawn and the desire to win coffee. Not just any coffee, my favorite coffee… STARBUCKS!

After posting here I left my link on BlogHer and more specifically the blog the Heir to Blair… then went on with my life not thinking of it again. Until… two weeks ago when I received an email from BlogHer. In the subject line… STARBUCKS WINNER!

I jumped through all the hoops set before me. Had to fax some release forms back and thanks to a young gal at the FedEx Print Shop I muddled my way through. I’m pretty sure I saw her eyes roll… more than once. But I told her she was sweet and helpful and should get a raise. I got a smile on that one and won her over!

The frosting on the cake whip on the Cinnamon Dolce Latte came shortly after in  an email from Starbucks… This road to caffeination will be fun, although a little jittery.

Not looking forward to the inevitable caffeine headache when it’s time to come down off this ego boosting high and the coffee runs out… but that’s not going to happen until I get out there and start using this little piece of plastic… Gotta go!

Note: To Erin D. at BlogHer. If you read this…thanks for this honor and opportunity. You have been patient and kind. And why you were up in the middle of the night to return my email the other night I’ll never know.


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