Stubborn-1, Sanity-0

It was April 9, 2012, the day after Easter. The previous week had been full and busy. Time had come for some R&R. That’s right, a little rest and relaxation…time to kick back and let the stress of life melt away.

1500 Pieces of Agony

This is where I went wrong… I posted about it in 15000 Pieces of Agony. At that point I’d been working on this project for only two days. I had no idea what I was in store for.

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle

After seven fun-filled days of staring at chunked up pieces of cardboard THIS was as far as I’d gotten. However, now I actually had sections connected. Maybe by only one piece but it was the bridge that took me from making the sane decision to chuck it all back in the box to the decision to carry on. After all, I already had three cookie sheets filled with possible options. I say possible because at this point I was thinking these weren’t the pieces to this puzzle at all. But, stubborn had kicked in and I was going to make them fit if that’s what it came to.

The Hub, feeling sorry for me, or possibly wanting to eat meals without being scrunched together at the end of the table, started to help. He would try piece after piece until frustration forced him to walk away as I continued to stare at the maze of color. We needed a breakthrough. Then it happened…

Our son stopped in to visit yesterday. Of course we sat around the table to visit as usual… That was when his hand reached out, picked up a piece and put it in. Heh, heh, heh… he’d been sucked into the madness. So the Hub, the son and I talked and puzzled and ‘yawhooed’ at every new addition to the picture.

This morning at 12:38am Hub (who NEVER stays up late) came to the bedroom and shook me awake. Put on you robe, get your glasses and come with me he said. Reluctantly I did. At the kitchen table, in the middle of the night, he handed me piece number 1,500 of AGONY, the puzzle. I put it in place, kissed him good night and plodded on down the hallway.

1500 piece jigsaw puzzle

So there it is…DONE. It has already been taken apart, reboxed, taped shut with strapping tape and put into the donate bag with the promise to not get another puzzle out until the fall months turn cold.

What did I learn from this? The price of insanity is a mere $1.99.

By the way, I have no idea what the real name of the puzzle is but whatever it may be… mine’s better.


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