Bucket List Update…

The Hub had a birthday recently so naturally I started thinking about MY mortality. As much as I love living here on earth I know this isn’t my final destination. And where I’m moving next is going to have streets paved with gold. Pretty much this says what we value here is nothing compared to what will be experienced in Heaven.

Never the less I want to experience as much as I can during my earthly life. I’ve had some pretty good one’s so far. Also some pretty devastating ones. There is no reason to dwell on those. Moving on is the best option.

A bucket list is a moving target. Time to do a little shifting.

Highway to Mount Everest in Nepal1Climb Mt. Everest. DROP. After thinking about this endeavor it really looks like a waste of time, not to mention a whole lot of work. Is this one of those can’t see the forest through the trees situations? Look how beautiful the mountain is from a distance. Besides, who decided you had to stand on something to enjoy it? Taking a pass on the climb but could gaze on its beauty forever.

Elvis Presley

2 Attend an Elvis Presley Concert. DROP. For the obvious reason… I’m 35 years to late… and an impersonator won’t cut it.

Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop Dayton Ohio

3. Attend the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. KEEP…KEEP…KEEP for as long as I walk on this earth. It is revved up and running right now…really… April 19-21, 2012 …without me. (insert VERY sad face here) {{sigh}} The next workshop will happen in 2014. Some people collect the complete works of Shakespeare. I have the complete works of ERMA. Far more desirable… not to mention MUCH easier to understand.

The thought of someday going to Dayton, Ohio and standing in the midst of funny people thrills and inspires me.  Oh yeah… this is a keeper.

I just realized I opted for Dayton, Ohio over Mount Everest in Nepal. I certainly have my priorities straight.

[Photo Credits: Bing Images]


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