Where’s My Kindle?

This is not mine but looks just like it.

I was over taken by panic this morning. My Kindle was LOST! …as in gone and nowhere to be found.

I’d had it yesterday. I remember setting it down after searching the lending library… but I wasn’t home at the time. Did I pick it back up? Put it in my tote? Would I have to start calling around? Post a finders reward sign on the power pole at the end of the street? Breathe…. just breathe and keep a clear head I told myself.

That little black device acquired last December has become an extension of my left arm. It allows me to effortlessly carry forty-six books and counting (not to mention countless apps… Going Nuts with the flying squirrel is genius. My current rank is ‘Hazelnut’). So pretty much a mini-library went missing… and I was getting quite anxious.

This morning’s search was intense. I looked under pillows, in purses I haven’t used in months, in the newspaper recycling bag and the refrigerator. Strangely, we have a history of things showing up there. Doesn’t everyone?

After a long exhaustive search (and a snack break after visiting the frig) there it was… that little black beauty, stealthy hidden atop a white storage container not four feet away from my desk.

Lovingly I picked it up checking to see if it needed a charge. Being satisfied that all was well I was ready to get back to my reading…

…but first I needed to check Words With Friends. Oh My Stars… I had 18 games waiting for my play. Reading would have to wait…


6 thoughts on “Where’s My Kindle?

  1. My theory is that our things like to play hide-and-seek from time to time, just to keep us on our toes. Then they sneak into a place we’ve already hunted through, or find a spot in plain sight, just to tease us…

  2. Substitute “iPad” for “Kindle” and you’ve just described MY desperate search yesterday! Turns out my teenager had borrowed it to watch Netflix… whew! 😉

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