Versatile Blogger Award… Revisited

The lovely Debbie, author of A Mom Inspired shared the Versatile Blogger Award with me last week. She loves and cares for her family with grace and creativity. Please click on her link above to stop in and tell her hello. (She lives just across the river from me… we’re almost next door neighbors!)

I have lived my entire life as a well-trained rat faithfully following the maze… never cheating by cutting through the shrubs searching for a shortcut… until today. I don’t have 7 different blogs to point you to this time around. So instead I will recommend you spend 15 minutes clicking around on subjects you enjoy. Perhaps you will find a hidden gem (blog) that was meant just for you. (If you do, let me know.)

I’d do the searching for you but I’m busy writing this …and besides, I don’t know what you are interested in. I might send you to a blog on the history of ironing boards or possibly on remote control repair techniques. See… I’m sparing you. I can be nice.

However I will give you seven more fun facts about me

1. When out walking I wait at crosswalks in the rain for the light to turn before crossing, even if no cars are coming.

2. I have a fairly good-sized collection of “The Complete IDIOT’S Guide” books including the subjects of psychology, baby names and speaking French.

3. I taught preschool for over 15 years. It was a job that found me.

4. I learned how to water-ski in the cold, choppy waters of Puget Sound.

5. I have been driving for 45 years and have never gotten a traffic ticket. (Not that haven’t deserved one…or two.)

6. My brother used to introduce me as “My sister the only child” cause he insisted Mom and Dad loved me the most. (Pffft…of course they did!)

7. There are 5 Bibles on the bookshelf next to me. I have written in all of them.

8. I took two years of Norwegian language lessons with my mother-in-law. Having previously studied French, we both sucked… but the refreshments served after class were great. (HA! I did eight. This being a rebel is addicting.)

Now… scroll back up and go visit Debbie please!

5 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award… Revisited

  1. I LOVE YOU. Thank you for making me laugh today. I’m hunched at my desk, working through my lunch with that I’m-so-far-behind-on-this-project-I’ll-have-to-leave-it-to-someone-in-my-will frame of mind that I felt I could never even smile again, let alone laugh out loud. My heart feels lighter–but I’m not surprised, Sis. You have that effect on me.

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