How a woman’s brain works…

the Hub's list.

The Hub doesn’t understand multi-tasking. Honestly, I don’t think he wants to. His mono-tasking skills are serving him well. He seems to not be over taxed by worry or the need to rush. At least that’s the impression I’m getting when I watch him dozing off in his rocking chair.

We have different approaches to the tasks needing done around here. Not understanding my need (yes, it’s a need) to get as much done as possible, he often tells me to sit down, I’m making him nervous. If only he could take a peek into my head… it would look like this…

My brain never turns off… I’m jealous.


6 thoughts on “How a woman’s brain works…

  1. This made me laff so hard, Sis…..I could just “hear” the Hub saying “Sit DOWN, you’re making me nervous!” LMBO……..♥♥♥

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