The Name Game… Caller ID Version

I remember the good old days… (I also remember promising myself I would never use that term.) … the phone would ring and we’d all race to answer hoping it was for us. Of course I’m talking waaay back when there was one rotary telephone in the whole house, it was attached to the wall by a cord and there was no sneaking off for a private conversation. Eavesdropping was a given. There was also no running to the bathroom in the middle of a call… and if you needed help, you dialed “0”… for the operator. Day or night there was a real person who talked to you.

Being ancient and sentimental I continue to have a house phone (although not a rotary) along with cell phones. I don’t want to be out of touch. However the reverse has happened. I have become too much in touch. All lines to me, seem to be open. The phone rings continually, but they aren’t people I want to talk to.

The answer? Caller ID! Yes, I pay extra for the privilege of knowing who is at the other end so I can decide whether to answer… or not. This is where the name game begins. Some of our calls this month have been from FOP WA, not to be confused with WA FOP, FRAT ORD POL, FOURD RAFIK, EBSCO and MARYLAND. (Still kind of wondering what that state wanted to tell me.) And the most popular callers… UNKNOWN NAME, TOLL FREE and RACHEL from card services who is going to reduce my interest rate. (Be assured, if I recognize your name and number, I will answer.)

I’ve checked and confirmed our number. Our phone is registered, so don’t even get me started on the Do Not Call List fiasco and it’s multitude of loopholes. Epic Fail

Note: As I was writing this, a computer generated call for a political poll came in on my cell phone… aarrgh!


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