1500 Pieces of Agony…

As a lover of jigsaw puzzles, I find them a vehicle to relaxation… a fun device to entice all who wander by to sit and chat awhile with a common focus.

After recently zipping through a 750 piece puzzle in an evening I was feeling invincible. The wonders of my skills needed a bigger challenge. This led me to my stash. I pick up these boxes of entertainment at thrift stores, never paying more than $2.99. There is always the possibility of a piece or two missing but that is a mystery to be revealed when done …and the floor is swept. After all fun has been had, it is taken back to the thrift store for others to enjoy. So to the closet I went and…

This is where an over-inflated ego took me…

1500 Pieces of Agony

I always take a picture of the finished puzzle to slip into a photo album with previous completed works as if it were a trophy of some major accomplishment. I have no idea what this says about me but as long as I don’t haul out the photos and make you gaze upon them in admiration as I tell the saga of completion, I don’t care.

It is now day three… my stubborn streak will not give in. But just in case, I’ve decided to take pictures of daily progress on this journey to crazy…

This isn’t looking promising… why isn’t anyone wandering by?


6 thoughts on “1500 Pieces of Agony…

  1. Thanks for bringing back memories of how much fun it is to do jig-saw puzzles. When my son still was at home he used to start puzzles–and then I’d finish them to get them off the dining room table. I’ll never forget the time we had a 5,000 piece puzzle. We finished 4,999 pieces of it (One piece had gotten lost during the 6 months or so that it was on the tables.)

    • Oh Sheryl… 5000 pieces?
      I can’t even imagine taking that on.
      These were always ‘family’ projects, but like you, mine have moved out into their own lives. I do miss the camaraderie of sitting around a common project.

  2. I love jigsaw puzzles! It’s tradition in our family to work them in January and February when it’s too cold for kids to play outside for very long. The one in the pic would be great fun. I’m so jealous!

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