Yay… It’s Monday!

The kiddos go back to school today. Spring Break is officially over.

It was a rainy week and much of it was spent in the basement. Weasy and I were deep into crafting after being inspired my Megan at Make Something Mondays who makes Do-It-Yourself projects look very doable. Weasy and I were convinced we could do this, bought supplies and waited in anticipation.

Their first day here was Tuesday and to the basement we went… Mod Podge at the ready position but forgetting to bring directions. To retrieve them would mean a walk all the way up stairs. Much to far and time-consuming a task when Mod Podge is calling. And besides… where’s the adventure in following directions? We would blaze our own Mod Podging trail of craftiness. And that’s just what we did…

Weasy works at her creation…

Scooter takes the sign behind him literally…

There is something addictive about Mod Podge… we couldn’t stop. So we grabbed a couple of composition notebooks and started slathering them with the magical glue…

We spent a lot of time in the basement last week avoiding the rain. Scooter was in charge of reminding us of meal times. (He did an excellent job.) It may not have been a Disneyland vacation but it wasn’t like having to go to the dentist either. …oh, I forgot, they also got to go to the dentist this last week which made basement crafting look good. But it was fun, thanks to Megan and her powers of persuasion.

We have two words for you Megan….


3 thoughts on “Yay… It’s Monday!

  1. Ellen, I Love this, you are so creative with words, and I LOVE modge podge tooo, use it all the time. I am glad you all had a wonderful spring break, and it is good to see the kids.

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