Time to Party…

Two months... let's party

…cue Toby Keith and his Red Solo Cup, cause today is the two month blogiversary of When All Is Said And Done… Let’s have a party! (I can hear Toby singing now.)

It has been two months of writing with abandon. Releasing whatever comes into my head, out through the fingers out into the world. You might be wondering why a person at this stage of life would decide to hike down this trail… Me too.

But here I am, 60 days in and still at it. Engaging brain cells and sharing their random thought patterns. Usually by now I have lost interest and moved on to another activity. Ahhh, but not this time. I’m still here… and somehow have learned a couple of things along the way.

1. No theme needed.  I’ve learned a blog doesn’t have to have a theme other than “life”. I’ve read that a blog must have a niche… a topic that the writer is expert in and that posts should be a learning experience for the reader. Be assured, you will never learn anything from my posts. I am not an expert at anything except breathing in and breathing out. Chances are you don’t need any help there. (See what I mean? NOTHING!)

2. There will always be a missteake. I’ve learned that no matter how many times I read and correct my work there will be a huge and horrendous mistake glaring at me after I click the little blue publish spot on the screen. (It drives me nuts.)

3. Blogging is the perfect procrastination. I’ve learned that when I write a post instead of working on my manuscript I don’t feel as if I’m procrastinating because I’m still writing… and all writing has value. (This is pure head in the sand self-denial.)

4. There are many good and generous people in blogger-ville. You know who you are. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you as time blogs on in this adventure. You are generous in teaching me. Okay, at least someone is learning something around here.

5. I get to be me! …as scary as that is. I feel slightly like that dream where one is waddling walking down the street naked. I’ve always held the thought if I were to have that dream everyone else would be moaning while covering their eyes as severe vulnerability trauma ensues… for everyone involved. But here I’ve been accepted… tpyos and all. For that I THANK YOU!

…Cue Toby! Let’s have some cake!


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