Dear Sunset Magazine…

Thanks for the mail you sent. It was lovely to have SENIOR CITIZEN OFFER plastered on the incoming envelope in large capital letters. By the way, my eyesight isn’t quite that bad, but it made it easier for the neighbors to read as I carried it into the house.


I noticed the extra generous offer of a “gardening bag” with a paid subscription. As lovely as the khaki green pouched tote is, it comes at a time when my mid-section is obscuring my view of the ground, the joints have started to seize up and I’ve made peace with and have come to love weeds. Timing is everything, eh?

Though my family is filled with proverbial green thumbs, the two assigned to me have no magic… or color. Even my life-like fake indoor plants appear near death when covered with dust, which is often. Okay…okay…which is ALWAYS!

So dear Sunset, of the six universal emotions your letter drug me through… anger, fear, disgust, amusement, sadness and surprise… I have decided to stick with amusement. Even though at an 84% savings and appearing you are nearly giving me your magazine, I am choosing the 100% savings option.

Thanks for thinking of me…. ellen


8 thoughts on “Dear Sunset Magazine…

    • Laughing at this because I was just trying to figure out how to apply online for the senior discount, and there seems to be nothing. Too funny (kind of) I am no longer sending checks in the mail, and I sure as heck don’t put my credit card numbers on anything I mail out. Almost everything in our house is done online. I am thinking the 100% savings option will work for me also.

      • I know what you mean.. Like Dennis said, us old folks don’t know the ways of the world and must fall prey to possible scams.. I love Sunset, but I really would rather read it online.. And why do the online subscriptions ONLY come with a regular subscription?

  1. As a 74 yr old senior citizen I have to agree with all of the above comments. I, also will take the 100% savings option. Maybe someone at Sunset will get the message.

  2. It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one that can’t renew for the senior rate on line. The url on the mailer I recv’d …….can’t be found by Yahoo or Google. So I called customer service and they couldn’t find it either or any reference to a senior rate of $10. Shouldn’t customer reps be aware of all renewal offers made to customers by the company that pays them? I’m tempted to select the 100% savings like countless others but I do enjoy the mag so I will send a check for $10 and hope for the best…(at this point I don’t have enough confidence in them to use my credit card number).

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