No Mega Millions Came My Way…

…but that doesn’t mean I can’t still dream. That Ooo-La-La Shampoo will just have to stay on the shelf a tad longer. The amazing un-indented chair will have to wait a bit longer at the store and the whisper quiet garage door? I’m still hanging onto the door dream… it’s a sanity issue.

Never Stop Dreaming!

The lotto frenzy was fun. I’m only out $1.00. I’m extremely conservative and gambling is not in my blood… therefore I have no regrets and I’m moving on.

… and I’m taking with me the goal of Sainthood. Even though I believe you need to be Catholic to obtain this… oh yeah… and be saintly (which I’m not!) I do think it’s worth striving for.

And I will continue working towards my Honorary Doctorate Degree. Who knows when that will be accomplished? So I’m going to take a day to regain my footing, re-establish my grip on reality and crawl back into my rut.

Good thing I love my life!


3 thoughts on “No Mega Millions Came My Way…

  1. Hello Ellen, thank you for stoping by to visit. It is always nice to see a new face around the table for a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. Hope to get to know you better. ~Franny
    PS: I only spent $3 on the lottery. I usually don’t play either, but figured what the Hay, someone has to win.

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