Mega-Millions or Sainthood…decisions, decisions.

Shampoo..Wall of Options!

If the Mega Millions is forced upon me tonight things are gonna be crazy different around here. First I’m going to throw caution to the wind and buy the expensive shampoo just to see if it really does make my hair shinier. I have flat ironed the life out of these tresses and they do deserve a little pampering. And my hope is that Ooo-la-la shampoo would take away the burnt hair smell also…BONUS!

Now that my hair is lookin’ good, I’m going to head out to the furniture store to play princess and the pea in the easy chair department. I’ll be looking for one that doesn’t have the time worn indent in the seat that requires one to need a crane to hoist them out. There is nothing more beautiful to watch than an old fat lady grunting her way out of a chair.

Garage door perfectly placed for maximum quiet

Now… if those two items weren’t splurge enough… I’m going over the top with a new garage door AND opener. Not just any kind… the kind that is whisper quiet.You see, I’m writing this before the sun’s arrival for the day (although the dark gray rain clouds have been unforgiving lately and I wouldn’t know if the sun was up or not, I’m pretty sure at 4:20 am… it isn’t.) because our VERY old fifty-five year old version of modern door technology lays dormant under our bedroom until the Hub rattles and clunks it open each morning directly under the bed in which I am trying to sleep… and now that I have the entire bed, and most importantly ALL the covers, I’ve been rattled awake. All the more proof that life isn’t fair…

Oh yeah, the odds of me living in this mega-million dream filled lap of luxury described above?  1 in a kazillion. Just learned today I have a 1 in 2,000,000 chance at Sainthood. Those odds are sooo much better.

I can dream… even if I’m not sleeping.


3 thoughts on “Mega-Millions or Sainthood…decisions, decisions.

  1. We live in a state that wasn’t playing:( Although we don’t ever play anyways . . . I love your ‘splurges’ . . . good to know you’d keep it real:) NOw if you’d like to enter my Easter Basket Full of Books giveaway on my blog, you’re chances are 1 in 18 right now so that’s considerably better:)

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