Blogging for Coffee… a tribute.

My niece Dawn sent me an email… write a tribute for coffee it said. Believing there is no one better to write about coffee, I clicked the link she included to find out more. I found I could honor anyone I wanted. So I fired up the coffee pot, put fingers to keys and set forth doing what I love to do… sip coffee as words slip through my fingers telling others about people I love.

Who better to honor at this moment but my Grandpa (who passed away before I was born) and my Daddy. Grandpa immigrated from Norway bringing with him a love for coffee. My Daddy carried the coffee bean gene into my generation.

Two handsome men... Grandpa and Dad

Grandpa, thanks for settling us, all those years ago, in Seattle which would become the Mecca of Coffee. How did you know? (Or did Starbucks follow you?)

happy cup I lift my grande Cinnamon Dolce Latte to you Grandpa, and you too Dad… and ‘clunk’ it against your coal-black cup of hot liquid in a toast. Here’s to family, love and traditions. Looking forward to the day we’ll sit together in heaven laughing over a heavenly cup. See you later. xoxo…me

Note: This blog… although not technically a tribute to coffee, if chosen would result in the bonus of winning approximately 25 cups of Starbucks lattes. Now we’re talking! Hey Dawn, if that happens? Coffee’s on me!


18 thoughts on “Blogging for Coffee… a tribute.

  1. My Norwegian dad had a coffee pot going all the time. He’d always make a fresh pot for a visitor, but that last cup — inky black and hours old — was his. He called it “Norwegian Espresso.”

  2. What a nice tribute, Sis! You had me at “coffee” but you really reeled me in when you cleverly switched to a tribute to your Grandpa & Dad. Lovely sentiments, Such a good daughter/grandaughter you are/were!

  3. Where would I be without coffee! Sometimes it takes a post like yours for me to remember the little things I take for granted.
    Coffee belongs in my ‘backpack’–or at least a few coins to buy some every day. 🙂

  4. I love a good cup of coffee… at Starbucks, I’ll usually go for a grande mocha, but at my favourite Canadian chain of coffee stores – Tim hortons – it’s just a straight up double double (that Canuck talk for two creams & two sugars!). 🙂

    • I do know about the Canadian’s love for a ‘Timmies’. My cousin in Red Deer set me straight on that. However now when I get there to experience a visit for myself I’ll know the lingo. Thanks Chris!

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  6. While I have enjoyed coffee for most of my life my ah-ha moment came when I was in Brazil. I was in a jewelry store and they asked if I’d like a cup. Of course I say yes! They served this black gold in a demi-tasse cup. It was almost as thick as pudding. A spoon could almost stand in it. I loved it. It wasn’t bitter or acidic. I took 10 kilos of the stuff home with me and enjoyed every cup. However, my family did not share my love. I have never been able to duplicate that as imported coffee is developed for American palates. Then for health reasons I needed to get decaf. Starbucks has some of the strongest decaf coffee available. I think that’s why I like it. Congrats on your win (even though it was a while back)!

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